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Adama Traoré is one player who has a very good and reasonable physicality. How transformation over the years was unbelievable as it was quick just as the speed of light. When you are also talking about one of the fastest players in premier league, Adama Traoré's name must be mentioned. 
He is fast, not just fast but super fast despite his big size. His speed is complemented with a nice acceleration also. His fitness is just on point. One thing you should never pray for when facing Adama Traoré is that he shouldn't come up in the late 60 or 70 minutes to play football.  If he does, you might just end up passing out because he is just difficult to deal with.

In just a simple sentence, he is a playmaker and also a nightmare to defenders. Adama Traoré started his career from the days of FC Barcelona and he usually come in as a substitute. He has always been a great dribbler and he is still  a great dribbler. In 2020 Adama Traoré was the 2nd successful dribbler in Europe just after Neymar Jr.

We all know how fast Usain Bolt is on the track. Usain Bolt is said to cover an average speed of 37.58km/h in just 100 m race while Adama Traoré covers 37.68km/h when he is at top speed.

In FIFA as a game console, Adama Traoré is one of the few players who received 97 rating for top speed, while Paris saint-Germain striker kylian mbappe is second with a speed of 96.


Alot of people have said that Adama Traoré looks like he is already in his 30's, they might have been deceived because of his body size. Adama Traoré is only 26 years old. He celebrated his birthday 2 days ago. Adama was born on the 25th of January, 1996 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain ( Southwest of Spain).


Adama Traoré is said to be an average height winger as he is 5 ft 10 inches which  is 1.78 m.
   Even with his big sized body, he weighs only 72kg. Many people still don't believe it, but that is his true weight.


It came as a mystery to many people that the skinny Adama Traoré that was in Barcelona many years ago is now as big as hulk in wolves. The gym instructor has said that Adama Traoré doesn't lift weight during the gyming section.
It's so hard to believe, but Adama has said that he doesn't gym. It's genetics as he gains weight faster with little effort. It could take other players 2 - 3 years before they attain that height. 

He is popularly known as Adama Traoré on the football pitch but his full name is Adama Traoré Diarra.


Adama Traoré is from Spain and he still represent plays for Spain. He had been playing for Spain since age 16.


During a football match, it was said that Adama Traoré ran almost 37 km/ hr which is equivalent to 22.99 mph. Kyle walker, Jamie Vardy, Andre gray and Eric bailly happens to be the fastest players in premier league according to the order.


Adama Traoré was born on the 25th of January, 1996 (26 years). His father (Baba  Traoré) and his mother (Fatoumata Traoré) are both Spanish immigrants as their original family root has been traced to Mali. The family of Traoré left Mali for Barcelona for Greener pastures and better opportunity. They are among the few Spanish immigrants who made a name for themselves.

Adama Traoré is the second child of 3 children in his family. While growing up, his parents  couldn't afford to get him the expensive toys he desired but rather he will be given a football due to it cheap nature. While growing up in Barcelona, Spain. It was just something that came too easy for him and he loved Barcelona with ease and has always been looking forward to playing for them someday.

Traoré and his brother Moha loved and played football till the point where their parents were convinced that they were headed to the right direction. Adama had more talent and speed than his brother, it was very clear that he was ahead of his brother in the game.

It wasn't too long when Barcelona academy ( La Masia) called adama Traoré when he was just 8 years old  to join them in the academy. Adama facial expression couldn't contain his joy.  It was during his stay at the academy that Adama Traoré earned his nickname USAIN BOLT.  He was short, but his speed and strength still made him stand out among his mates.

Just because he was too good at a young age, Adama was always used to play against opponent older than him. Adama took his stay in the academy just as a full time job as he would always play for his team in almost all competitive matches.

Adama was of great help to Barcelona B as he helped them win the 2014 UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE. While Adama played Internationally for Spain, his brother Moha decided to represent Mali.  Adama later  caught the attention of Aston Villa in 2015 and they decided to sign him to the club for £7 million, Barcelona also stated in the contract they they might be willing to put a 3 year buy-back in the agreement. He made 11 appearance for Aston Villa that season.

He later joined Middlesbrough the next season on a 3-year transfer deal, actually the transfer wasn't known to anyone as it was disclosed even till now. He played 61 matches all through his stay at Middlesbrough and he scored 5 goals.

Adama Traoré got signed to Wolverhampton wanderers in 2018 and he is currently in the club but has been playing on a transfer move back to Barcelona. He moved to wolves on a 5-year deal. His transfer fee wasn't known also but reports has it that it was within the region of £18 million. His first goal was scored in his 40th appearance.

Adama Traoré has played 123 games for wolves and still counting and he has scored 8 goals for the club. Adama Traoré has fully convinced alot of fans out there that speed alone side power is one thing needed to excel in football.


Well  it seems the Spainish International is focused on his career alone as he hasn't been seen stalking any girl or flirting around. Even if he is in a relationship, I think he is really keeping everything private.
When Adama Traoré was asked about his relationship status, he answered by saying he's not in any relationship for now.


Adama Traoré is said to be worth $12 million. He receives alot and spend his money on cars and houses. He is not one of those football players who lavish their money. Fans and supports have said that he is decent. There is no doubt that Adama Is living a Humble lifestyle.


Adama has said that he knows how fast hi is when play football, when he get to a top speed he either cross or pass. If he can't do any of these two then it mean the effort he applied when running was in vain. 
Aston Villa's former manager Tim sherwood has said that Adama Traoré plays a bit like Messi and Ronaldo misced together. I think he didn't mean what he said, as he was only trying to shower praises on Traoré.

Traoré doesn't just have power and speed, he also know how to make good decisions in terms of passing to his teammates. The only thing that Adama Traoré lacks right now is composure and a nice finishing


Here are the list of awards Adama Traoré has received, either with his team or as an individual award.

  - In 2014 he won the UEFA youth league

  - In 2014 he was Segunda Division Team of the year.

  - In 2015, he won the Copa del Rey with Barcelona.

  - In 2017 - 2018 he won the Middlesbrough Fans player of the year.

  - In 2017 - 2018 season he won Middlesbrough players' player of the year.

  - In 2017 - 2018 he won the Award of Middlesbrough youngest player of the year.

  - In January 2020 he won the PFA Player of the month.

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