Australians open on fear as Djokovic is freed to play as court overturned his Visa cancellation

Australians opens on fear as Djokovic is freed to play as Court overturned his Visa cancellation.
A fight came up between Serbian fans and the police in the city, with angry protesters pepper sprayed after lot of suggestions that the world No 1 should be put back into detention despite the court granting him freedom to play. It's far from certain that he's going to play in the Australian open after winning the court that over their decision on his Visa. Some have said that he should be deported or detained after he eas refused entry last Wednesday.

According to his family his father has given a press conference and gone ahead to say that "I will call upon Queen Elizabeth the leader of common wealth to intervene and protect the human right of my son and stop political persecution carried out against him since he came to Australia. Many wished Djokovic had taken the vaccination long time ago, maybe we wouldn't have arrived at this conversation. Djokovic went on social media and posted, his Twitter feed to be specific and said "I'm pleased and greatful that the court overturned my Visa cancellation". Despite all these he has cleared the air that he wants to stay and compete in the Australian open.

In as much a Djokovic unvaccination is concerned as inhumane, his brother has said that he's only fighting for freedom of choice.  A lot of critics has been going on even from his rival Rafael Nadal who later seemed satisfied with his participation in the Australian open.

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