Do you know the role of Russell Westbrook for Lakers?

Do you know the role of Russell Westbrook for Lakers?

Russell Westbrook is a professional player who plays basketball for Lakers. His fitness lately has been questioned and viewers and his team expect much more from him. There's still hope that things will get better later in the future. The nature of Russell's performance needs to be given serious attention to because this is part of his career. Russell dribbled before elevating an unlucky 3-pointer. Just to add to it, it wasn't the only shot Russell missed. This is the type of shot every defender at the team wants Russell to be taking but there are other things which comes after taking shots like this.

This unlucky pointer is becoming frequent from Russell and I'm sure the team isn't happy about it. Aside that, since the last 2 weeks while playing for his team, Russell has been involved in handing the ball to the other team. This present form of Russell is very poor. People have been asking and Questions has been popping that is Russell not training? There are alot of things wrong but this ill 3 pointers of his is completely outrageous and Lakers are still treating him like a super star. Does he deserve such treatment from Lakers? The limitations of his impossibility shouldn't be used to judge him and they admit that he's currently in a terrible shooting slump even with his standard. He has only managed to hit 8 out of 40 goal attempt in the last 3 weeks of play.

After all the negative side, Russell rebound still remain strong as usual, his passion accuracy is still okay but he's still not performing well. He's very much aware of his inability to basket. We're sure that after all the complaint nailed against him, he will work very hard to improve and do better in his next games

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