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Kobe Bryant is just like a book, u won't get to know what exactly it entails until you read it. Kobe life and impact cannot be expressed in one sentence. You will hardly see Kobe Bryant being inefficient when he is needed by his team.
Kobe is an American basketballer who mainly played as a shooting guard. He spent his entire career, 20 years with Los Angeles Lakers. 
Kobe Bryant is not just regarded as one of the greatest basketballer but also regarded as the best shooting guard in the history of the game basketball. Kobe is an effective scorer who convert every chances he get to his team favour. In as much as a lot of people has misjudged Kobe Bryant by saying he hasn't won any major ring without a big player.

I still feel alot of people don't know him too well and they are free to say whenever they like to him.

Kobe Bryant was born in August 23rd, 1978. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would have been a year older in the next few months but died at the age of 41 in 2020.

some know him as Kobe, others know him as Bryant, just so you can be sure when a discussion comes up and you are asked about your favourite basketballer's name. His full name is Kobe bean Bryant.

Kobe Bryant height was a big advantage to his career, he is  6 ft 6 inches which is 1.98 m. This helped him alot even as a shooting guard to lift well. As a basketballer, height doesn't really matter but it only serves as an advantage when playing.  
 Kobe Bryant weighs 96 kg which is approximately 212Ib.

Kobe Bryant played as a shooting guard through out his career. 

It was also known that Kobe Bryant wore two number in his career which is 8 and 24. The reason why Kobe Bryant changed his shirt Number hasn't been known, the only person who can give you a precise and accurate answer to this is kone Bryant.
But from my observation, I feel he had been through a lot as he was wrongly accused of rape. We believe he changed his number maybes because he was motivated or he just wanted to start over again. The truth is that after he changed his number from 8 to 24, he became a better version of Kobe Bryant and he also sold alot of Jersey when he swapped his number. He had a great relationship with his teammates.

Kobe Bryant was know as the man with "all girls". He was satisfied with the girls he had but always wanted a boy to carry on the NBA legacy. Kobe Bryant who is married to Vanessa met on the set of a music video. Yearly later they became couples and gave birth to 4 beautiful children.

Natalia "Nani"  Diamante Bryant happens to be the first child of the Bryant family, she was born in January 2003. she didn't follow her father's career instead she is now a volleyball player.

Gianna "Gigi" Maria onore Bryant was born in May 2006, she happened to be closer to her father than any other Bryant children. We can say that she was Kobe Bryant favourite, and she will always be where Kobe was. 
    She had an accident with her father in January 26, 2020 and they both lost their lives. Due to how close she was with her dad, she coined her nickname from her father's own. 
She always wanted to be like her father and does things like him. She was part of the Mamba sport academy. Her nickname was Mambacita.
Bianka Kobe Bryant is the third born, she was born in 2016 as she's only 6 years old now. Her nickname is BB.

Capri Kobe Bryant is the last girl of Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant. She was only a year old when her father passed with her elder sister. Capri was born in 2019. She goes by the nickname "Koko".

Kobe Bryant died in the early hours of January 26, 2020. It was a shocking news for everyone. He died along side with 8 others in the helicopter.

The driver of the helicopter was flying from John Wayne - orange county airport to Camarillo in California. Kobe was going to the youth basketball game along side Gianna( his daughter), John and Keri Altobelli and their daughter Alyssa, Sarah Chester and her daughter Payton and Christina Mauser (the assistant coach). They were all involved in the accident. 

It was reported that the visibility that morning was very poor and affected the driver. The visibility made the driver climb above 4000 feet instead of the normal 1600, this led to the pilot combating with the helicopter for stability.

Kobe Bryant was one of the highest paid basketballer before he retired. According to Forbes, he was worth $600 million before his death. Kobe Bryant had alot of endorsement deal outside the court, those deals include; 

Nike, Sprite, Hublot, panini, Alibaba, Mercedes Benz, Turkish Airline, Lenovo and many other companies.

Even after the salary and endorsement, Kobe still went ahead to invest. He invested in a sport drink called Body Armour. He started his investment with only $6 million but right now the investment is worth more than $400 million.
His investment really paid off, he is actually a major share holder there.
The sport drink is now worth $5.6 billion.

Kobe Bryant was born in August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father who was a former NBA player also Joe Bryant and his mother Pamela Cox Bryant. He got his middle name from his father's nickname "Jellybean".

Kobe Bryant was only 3 years old when he started playing basketball, he always loved to see the Lakers Everytime as they were his favourite team. Kobe Bryant was raised in a Catholic family setting. He was only 6 years old when his father retired from NBA and the whole family had to move to Italy. Kobe Bryant continued playing basketball in Italy.

Kobe Bryant Grand father will send him series of basketball videos through his mail, so he could watch and practice. Kobe dream has always been to move back to the United State from Italy. His dream came alive as his family moved back to Philadelphia when he was 13 years.  Kobe Bryant was named Pennsylvania player of the year at that time.

Bryant received numerous awards for his outstanding performance in his senior year at Lower Merion, he was named Naismith high school player of the year. Due to his love for Lakers, his parents were aware of the right to for Kobe to sign. His parents signed a cosign deal with  the Lakers because he wasn't up to 18 then.
As a novice then, Bryant would always come from the bench to play, he was the second youngest player to play for NBA at that time and he became a starter just at 18 years. Kobe Bryant being a rookie at that time was the only player to attempt a 3 point field goal. He received the youngest NBA all star starter award.

Kobe Bryant was too good to the point where he was being compared to Michael Jordan even when he was still young, with the help of Kobe Bryant and O'Neal the Lakers were able to win their first championship in 1988.

Bryant became a regular starter for the Lakers as he improved in every areas and for the first time in his career, Kobe Bryant played 80 games. That same year in 2001 - 2002 season, Lakers won 58 games and they finished second on the table.

Bryant, O'Neal as well as every other player in Lakers won the championship/ ring in 2000, 2001 and 2002 consecutively. He achieved this at the age of 23. Kobe Bryant was just breaking a lot of records at that time. He was first player to score 45 points or more in 4 consecutive games since 1964 as he joined Chamberlain and Baylor, they were the only players to do so. And at the end of the season, Kobe Bryant finished 4th as NBA most valuable player award in 2006.

After the season ended, Kobe Bryant requested for the number 24 from TNT, that was the number George McCloud wore before retiring.
Kobe Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 points. That's really massive, only LeBron James has broken that record. He also became the youngest player at age 31 to score 25,000 points in his career.

With sadness in his heart, In 2015 Kobe Bryant announced to the media that he will retire at the end of the season after playing for the Lakers for many years. He wrote a poem titled DEAR BASKETBALL expressing his feelings which state 

"I fell in love for the game at the age of 6, A love so deep that I gave you my all, from my body soul and spirit. The 2015 - 2016 season is all I have left. My heart can take the pounding/ My mind can handle the grind/  But my body knows it's time to say goodbye. And that's okay, I'm ready to let you go.

Bryant said that what basketball has done for him is far greater than what he has done for basketball. 
Kobe Bryant still remains one of the dangerous score in NBA history, despite the fact that he is no more.

Just as we all know that Kobe Bryant set a nice record on scoring 25,000 points in his career, it was also know that he missed more field goal attempt in his career than any other player in the history of NBA.

Bryant always hate losing, that's why he out so much relentless effort in his game. What many players have said about him is that he is one of the difficult players to play against. This is because of his dedication and high level of commitment to the game. Many prefer to call Kobe Bryant the 'Greatest of all Time'.

He has gotten numerous awards and still hold the NBA player of the decade.

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