Everything you need to know about Luis suárez

Luis suárez is not just a player that plays random football. He is a well positioned striker who has played for reputable clubs and he is very good at what he does, that's no doubt. He has been one of the notable strikers in recent years most especially premier league.
He has also built a very nice relationship with Lionel Messi and Neymar. They were one of the trios that any club never wanted to compete against. He was known for his nice passes, accurate finishing. 

Luis suárez has played for many teams for a long duration and has spent enough time there. Time passing by, his age is also counting. Luis suárez was born on the 24th of January, 1987. The uruguay international striker was born in Salto, uruguay. He is currently 35 years old as he celebrated his birthday yesterday. We all wish him a happy birthday 😊

Suárez is just of average height but doesn't miss chances when he see them most especially headers. His height has not been a limitation when scoring. He is 6 ft 0 inch which is 1.82 m. Luis suárez weighs 83kg. 

I can beat my chest to it that many football fans and supporters do not actually know their idol full name, it isn't something to be ashamed of as we're here to tell you everything you actually don't know or thing you thought you knew that you don't.

Luis suárez as we all know him to be called, his full name is LUIS ALBERTO SUÁREZ DIAZ. Due to the nature of how long the name is, he just picked Luis a as his name on and off the pitch. 
     He was nicknamed 'El pistolero' which means the gun fighter. Well if you ask I will say truly he is a fight as he is always hungry for goals and assist.

Luis suárez started his senior career in 2005 as he was playing for Nacional at that time. We all could say that he was still an upcoming striker trying to discover his path that time.   He started in 27 games for Nacional and scored 10 goals for them, he joined Nacional on a Free transfer. Suárez headbutted a referee after he was shown a red card for an offense he thought shouldn't prompt a red card. At that time he was just 16 years old

Luis suárez then moved to FC Groningen for a transfer deal of €800,000, he was very happy to receive an offer from Groningen because his girlfriend sofia Balbi has already moved to Barcelona (Europe). He was happy because he was going to Europe also and he stood a chance of getting to see her after many years of distant relationship.
           He played 29 games for Groningen and scored 10 goals for them. Luis suárez found it quite challenging speaking Dutch. It was too long he joined Groningen that he caught the attention of Ajax.

Luis suárez signed a deal with Ajax on a 5 - year contract from 2007 - 2011, where he made 110 appearances for Ajax and scored 69 goals. Ajax bought suárez from Groningen at a transfer fee of €7.5 million. Before signing suárez from Groningen, Ajax placed an initial bid to Groningen at a transfer fee of  €3.5 million. Groningen felt it was too small and rejected it, that same day Ajax placed another bid for him which was €7.5 million and it was accepted.

Suárez played an important role in Ajax as he was involved in most of their goals. He would either score or make an assist. Luis suárez was named Ajax highest goal scorer for two straight seasons

In 2011, that was the period in which his contract was going to expire in Ajax, Liverpool were interested in signing Luis suárez. He later joined the premier league side on a transfer fee of €26.5 million. He left Ajax on good terms and the club wish he could stay longer. It is appropriate to say that it was mere coincidence that Luis suárez made the same number of appearance for Liverpool just as he did in Ajax but he scored higher goals for Liverpool.

Luis suárez made 110 appearances for Liverpool and scored 81 goals. The presence of suárez lifted Liverpool from 12th on the premier league table to 6th.
His impact was felt as he was shortlisted for one of the six players named for the PFA Players of the year.  Thierry Henry being Barcelona's Ex player spoke so well about Luis suárez, this might have been one of the reasons why Barcelona's got their eyes glued on Luis suárez. Thierry Henry said if there's any top striker in the world, it will be Suarez, he is arrogant in a good way and has everything it takes to be a striker. He also clearly stated that Luis suárez just knows how to score goals, that was one of the major keyword among all the praises showered on suárez.
Barcelona then made a move for Luis suárez in 2014, they bought him for a transfer fee of €81.72 million make him one of the most expensive player in football history. Agreements were made and he decided to join Barcelona on a 5 year contract. He was given the number 9 shirt at Barcelona. When he started playing matches for Barcelona, he then formed a trio with Messi and Neymar and it was called (MSN). This attacking trio ended up with 122 goals which was the most goal scored in a season by any attacking trio in Spanish football history.

Luis suárez scored his 400th career goal in an El clásico game while still playing for Barcelona. With his presence in Barcelona and also the assistance from his colleagues ( Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr) Barcelona were able to win a Back to back La Liga title. He became Barcelona's 3rd Highest goal scorer.

Luis suárez had an argument with the club and demanded that they pay him €20 million Euro which the club owes him in his contract. The club was unwilling to pay and Luis suárez almost left as a free agent but Atletico Madrid had interest in him. Lionel Messi has said that his teammates deserves a befetting farewell as nothing in the club seems to amaze him again.
They signed him from Barcelona for €7 million.

Offers came around from Juventus and other clubs but he didn't want to play along side cristiano Ronaldo or leave Spain either. Suárez has signed a 2 year deal with Atletico Madrid since 2020 and his contract will expire this year. On his debut for Atletico Madrid against Granada, he scored 2 goals which contributed to the team success. He has appeared in 52 matches so far for Atletico Madrid and he has 28 goals to his name.

Luis suárez has been with his long time girlfriend since he was 16, he wanted to relocate to Barcelona with her but Luis suárez had to focus on football more.
The met in uruguay, when suárez was just a street sweeper. Sofia is also one driving force in suárez career . Sofia has been his number one supporter since the beginning.

Luis got married to his long time girlfriend sofia Balbí in 2009, they are both blessed with 2 boys and a girl. Their names are;
Delfina suárez happens to be the first child and only daughter of the suárez family. She was born on August 5th 2010

Benjamin suárez and Lauti suárez are the two boys Luis suárez has. They were born in 2013 and 2018 respectively.

Luis suárez was know to be a bad guy but you know what the love of your life can actually make you do. Through Sofia, suárez is now a changed person.

Luis suárez father Rodolfo suárez was also a footballer, he played for Deportivo Artigas. He was also a former soldier. His mother Sandra Diaz
  Rodolfo and Sandra are no longer together due to misunderstanding. Luis suárez also played football on the street when he was a sweeper and that was where he developed his skill.

Luis suárez has 6 brothers and their names are; Paolo, Giovana, Leticia, Luis,  Maxi and Diego. Luis suárez can also speak, Dutch and a little bit of Spanish. Luis suárez has a tattoo of his first daughter on his wrist which he kisses anytime he scored a goal. This celebration is already in FIFA as it is called 'Kiss the wrist'.

Apart from being one of the best striker, Luis suárez is one of the most misunderstood and controversial player. He has always been accused of diving while playing football and this has not been making positive impact while playing. His teammates, Coach and other members of the club has said they will treat the issue at hand as it doesn't make the referee award the team a legitimate penalty.

Suárez has also bitten players on the pitch. Players who Luis suárez has bitten include;  Giorgio chiellini who Happens to be Italian defender in the FIFA 2014 world cup was bitten, this warranted Luis suárez a 4 months suspension from all football activities. He wasn't even allowed to watch other team play football.

He also bit Chelsea player Branislav ivanovic, that was a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. After his action he was served with a 10 match ban. Before coming to the premier league, Luis suárez had already bitten a player in PSV  Eindhoven called otman Bakkal. 
       The authorities of the Dutch side weren't at ease with the punishment as Luis suárez was served a 7 game suspension.  Due to Luis suárez biting, diving and other behaviours he exhibit on the pitch, he has been labeled a pest not only that, he was also called a cheat.

Luis suárez has not just proven to be one of the best striker in the world, he is also one of the wealthiest footballer known. He doesn't go with a fancy lifestyle as he love it cool, no showbiz. Luis suárez is worth $70 million. He has been featured in different advertisement for Pepsi, Garnier, Samsung, Antel, Anitab and many other companies.

Luis suárez has gone from one of the most expensive player to being one of the players with least market value. There was a time when he was worth almost €82 million but right now he is worth €7 million. He has dropped drastically in terms of market value.

The probability of Luis suárez returning to Barcelona is very slim as he was given a a nice treat by the club before leaving. Right now Luis suárez has been in talks with he ex teammates Steven Gerrard who is not Aston Villa coach. Gerrard is still trying to convince suárez to make a return to premier league.

He might not do it this January, it might be during the end of the season. Gerrard has already made a move for Philippe Coutinho and the Brazilian winger has made a return to premier league. I think it's only Gerrard who is capable of doing that to Luis suárez not Barcelona.

Luis suárez has built alot of friendship with different people over the years and Lionel Messi type of friendship with the uruguay striker seems to be the best and the closest. They shared beautiful moments together while in Barcelona.

Luis suárez and Lionel Messi were pictured together hanging out for a family meal in Madrid, even after Luis suárez left Barcelona. 

While Luis suárez was tender, he always loved watching and playing like the former Fiorentina star GABRIEL BATISTUTA. He was all Luis suárez always wanted to see while younger. 
   Luis suárez has considered Gabriel Batistuta his idol and would also love to have a nice conversation with him.

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