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NEYMAR happens to be one out of the few footballers who were just born to play football. Football was just inbuilt to them. Neymar started as a rising star just when he was at Santos. He became extremely famous and one of the most wanted striker when he moved and played for Barcelona, this could have been as a result of the influence of the players in the team.
      With great team work coming from, Messi, Suarez and Inesta. They built a wonderful trio that no team was ready to face. In this article we get to offer you everything you need to know about Neymar.

   Neymar is a Brazilian international footballer and as well Ligue 1 striker. Neymar rose to stardom after joing Spanish side in 2013. He was every Barcelona's fan dream come true. Because of his unique style of play, he was considered as one of the best players in the world. I'm sure you wouldn't know what it feels like to be one of the best until  you are one.  He helped santos win campeonato paulista championship, he helped them win Copa do brasil and also Copa libertadores. Not only that, he also won for himself the south America footballer of the year consecutively in 2011 and 2012.  Santos was the same club pelé played for also as he was a star inost of the domestic games.

just as we all know him as Neymar or better still Neymar Jr do we know that his full name is Neymar da Silva Santos júnior. Yes that's his full name but because of how lengthy the name is, he chose to use Neymar as his name on the pitch.

            HOW OLD IS NEYMAR?
NEYMAR is one of the greatest player currently now we hate to see get old. Neymar Jr was born on the 5th of February 1992 which means he is 29 years old and will soon be 30 years in few days.
    Neymar was born in Mogi das cruzes, Brazil. 

Neymar is considered to be of average height as he is 5 ft 9inches. Despite his height he's still able to lift well and score with a header. Neymar sometime becomes overweight as a football player but with the help of a personal trainer, his weight goes back to normal as he weighs 68kg. Fans have asked him why does he normally add too much weight being a footballer.  Many thought it to be excess junk food but NEYMAR has said that he only wear over size cloth which makes him look fat.

Neymar fortnite appears in season 6 battle pass, other characters like wolverine, Deadpool and Aquaman has been unlocked in the following season. This show be what every gamer out there would love to hear. If you are a gamer and a lover of football also then this is for you. There are alot of challenges to face before the Neymar's character can be unlocked. Here are just few steps on how to unlock the Neymar Jr skin.
  - You have to unlock soccer ball Emote (Neymar's banner).

  -  You have to complete 3 quests from the  island soccer players (  Then you unlock Marador loading screen).

  - You have to complete 5 quests from island soccer players (Then you unlock Neymar Jr outfit).
Most importantly, using Neymar's skin for fortnite adds alot of bonus to you.

           IS NEYMAR A GAMER?
In as much as Neymar Jr is a footballer, he doesn't limit himself to that fun only as he plays, and stream games online when he's free or resting. He is one of the few footballers who loves gaming. He also play fortnite in which he stars in. He has said that the first game on his list if he is to tell it to his friends or fans should be the Call of Duty.

NEYMAR who has been a wonderful striker over the years has also been a man for all. Since he moved to Europe to play football, he has been with different girl and they have been said to be his Ex-girlfriend. Neymar has been with the likes of ;
  - Elisabeth Martinez
  -  Thaila Ayla
  -  Burna Marauezine
  -  Anitta 
  -  Carolina Santa's
        Carolina and Neymar were once lovers and they have a son together. NEYMAR is the father of her son Davi Lucca. Right now Neymar has been involved with another girl and they have been dating for over 6 months. They have both spent quality time and shared good moment together. 
 Their relationship was kept private for a while. His new lover Bruna Biancardi has been seen posted all over Neymar's social media. The two love birds have gone to places together as they spent their last Christmas in neymar's native land.

Many have said Neymar is either planning on getting married to his current girlfriend or she is expecting a baby from him as he said he would like his son Davi Lucca to have siblings also.


Well that choice is for the Brazilian forward to make on his own. He left after saying he was under the shadow of Lionel Messi. Now Messi is his teammates at Paris saint-Germain, it seems neymar is having a good time playing with Messi again.
If neymar goes back to Barcelona, there won't be any suárez or Lionel Messi to recreate those moments they once had together. For neymar to even leave, his contract has to expire or a club must come with a negotiation of nothing less than €90 million to get him and I don't think any club will want to spend much on a player like that.

This question cannot be given a definite answer but can only be analysed. Neymar has been one of the contenders  for ballon d'or right from when he was at Barcelona. After his move to Paris saint-Germain, he developed lack of fitness and some said he became lazy and over weight. Currently we have the likes of Lewandoski, Mbappe and Haaland who are even two times better than neymar and they stand better chances of winning the Ballon d'or. If you ask me I will say I don't see neymar winning the Ballon d'or anytime soon only if much work is done to improve on himself.

A lot of banter and trolling has gone over the internet that Neymar Jr has been picking up injuries or he will be suspended for a game or two and this usually happens during his sister's birthday. Many have said he picks up an excuse so he can party hard because neymar loves partying. His sister's birthday Rafaella Santos is always on the 11th of March every year. She was born in the year 1996.
Well let see if he picks up another injury this time again.

Neymar is also a tattoo freak, as he loves getting inked. Yes, he has a tattoo of his sister on his arm as it shoe how their bond was when they were little. He's very close to his sister.

A good player deserves good pay also, no doubt neymar is a very good player on the pitch. He is on of the highest paid footballer and also one of the richest athletes. He is worth $200 million and also  earns from endorsement outside the football pitch.
Neymar has partnership with a lot of companies like; Konami, Triller,Puma,  Antiperspirant brand and many other companies as well. Without these entitlement called "endorsement" Neymar can still live very fine from his salary.
Nike could have been on the list but it isn't because they cut off all deals with him as he was accused of assaulting a lady.

In his early life Neymar didn't talk much about his mother and that reason is only best to him. Neymar's father was also a footballer and is currently his son agent.
Neymar inherited his name "neymar" from his father. He father has always been supportive in his decision to play football.   NEYMAR would always play street football as this enhanced his skill. He can also be considered as the most skillful player on the football pith. Neymar started earning when he moved to Santos FC and his youth career started. He would earn 10,000 reais per month when he was 15. Due to improvement it was increased to 125,000 reais per month. 

Neymar won 2011 puska award as he scored a beautiful goal that season. He later caught the attention of FC Barcelona after they played a friendly game together and he was signed. Neymar scored 107 goals in 177 appearances for Santos FC and later moved to Barcelona where the number of goals decreased. He scored 68 goals in 123 matches for Barcelona.
  He's currently at Paris saint-Germain right now and he has scored 80 goals and still counting.

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