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Sean payton happens to be one of the loyal and dedicated coach in America football NFL. He has been the head coach of Orleans saint since 2006 - 2011. His career as a coach was pauses or suspended throughout 2012 by Roger Goodell due to fact that he was accused of being knowledgeable of the Bounty gate scandal. Roger Goodell felt there was a cover up on Payton side.

Questions has been asked that which coach has meant more to the saints. A comparison was made between Sean payton and Rob Ryan. To be honest both parties are doing well in terms of being a coach but Sean payton has really been spectacular over the years. He has been with the saint for 13 season, although it shouldn't be judged with the number of seasons spent at the club but the impact each coach has made and the answer is very clear.
With Sean payton's help, the saints were able to get to their only Superbowl appearance and they took advantage of the situation by taking their first victory. When Sean payton know he was suspended by Roger, he filed an appeal of his suspension but it was denied by the same person who suspended him. Sean payton has the 2nd longest tenure of any active head coach in NFL.

The American football coach was born in December 29th 1963. How place of birth was at San Mateo, California. He is currently 58 years old.

Sean payton is said to be 5 ft 11 inches tall which is 1.80 m. He can be regarded as a tall man. He also weighs 91kg which is 200Ib. 

Payton was once married to Beth shuey, they both met when payton was a coach in indiana state. They got married and had 2 children, a daughter (Meghan) who was born in 1997 and a son ( Connor) who was born in 2000. Payton grew up in an Irish Catholic home. Payton, Beth and their kids moved to a home in Mandeville, Louisiana.

At that point when he moved he was appointed the head coach of Orleans saint. The home in which payton, his wife (Beth shuey) and children moved to was built with defective Chinese drywall. It seems people weren't okay with it and a lawsuit was filled against payton and the manufacturer.

Due to this issue on ground, Payton and his family had to move to Dallas area where they initially purchased a home in the vacquero club. At that time rumours had it that payton will be returning to the cowboys as their General manager but this seemed baseless. Payton and his wife Beth shuey divorced in 2012 and they went their separate ways due to their differences.

That same year, Payton was suspended from being Orleans saint head coach. After few months,  Payton hosted a dinner party where he gifted individual Rolex watch to 4 players and 4 coaches  who have been in Orleans saint for a long time.
Sean payton later got married to skylene Montgomery who is a nurse in Charlotte.

Skylene Montgomery is currently 36 years old, she is a Christian and she comes from a middle class family. Sean payton gave skylene Montgomery a surprise proposal in a French Quarter  restaurant on Friday night. He popped the question and she accepted.

 The two lovers both tied the knot in June 18, 2021 in Mexico.
Little or no information is know about her right now. She seems to be more of a private person.  Skylene Montgomery seems to be his second wife as he and his first wife already divorced.

Sean payton is one of the richest NFL head coach as he earns $8 million annually. As of now he is worth $24 million. Sean payton was putting on a Jordan brand a particular day for a game where he became the first NFL Coach to sign with Jordan brand.

Sean payton has been a coach for various team, he started his coaching journey in San Diego State University. He proved that he was more than a coach with a difference, he  was known for his offensive progress style in the game. He scored more points and gained more yards than any other team who has played their first 100 games in NFL History.

He was also part of the assistant coach at the Indiana State University ( he was an offensive coordinator). He was there in Indiana State University from 1990 - 1991.

He then made a return to San Diego State University as a running back coach, he spent just a year there also. He coach San Diego from 1992 - 1993.

He later went to Miami University where he was their offensive coordinator. He spent a year also there, coaching from 1994 - 1995. He made the highest point in a season.

At Illinois in 1996 he then majorized in being a quarterback coach. He was also a quarterback coach when he moved to Philadelphia Eagles in 1997 - 1998. When he got to Philadelphia Eagles, he worked with Jon Gruden who was an offensive coordinator and Bill Callahan who was an offensive line coach.  It wasn't too long when Jon Gruden and Bill Callahan left Philadelphia Eagles to Oakland Raiders, the eagles head coach Rhodes and payton were fired.

Not too long after he was fired, New york Giants hired him as their quarterback coach, after much work was done and his impact was seen in the team, he was later promoted to offensive coordinator. 
In 2003, Sean Payton joined Dallas cowboys as their assistance head coach and quarterback coach at the same time. He took Dallas cowboys to 3000 yard season. He always make his presence felt, he was later promoted to assistant head coach/passing game coordinate.

In 2006, Sean Payton received an offer from New Orleans saint and was given a position there. For the first time in his coaching career Sean Payton got his first head coaching job. He turned the team around in a positive way.

The team were known for their productive offenses as they were ranked number 1 in passing. Payton effort in the team as at 2009 made them have the most successful season in a long while. Sean payton made alot of sacrifice and impacted alot in New Orleans saint. 

In March 19, 2020 Sean payton became the first coach in NFL to be confirmed with a covid-19 case. Then on the 26th of March, Payton announced that he has tested negative to covid-19.
 After 16 years with the saint, Sean payton has announced that he would be stepping down as the head coach of New Orleans saint. Despite still having 3 years left in his contract with New Orleans saint, he has said that he doesn't have plans on coaching any other team. Although he didn't rule out on coaching in the future.

He has open up that he will be interested in any TV analyst job. He has not been with and media agent for now. Many people have tried talky Payton out of him and to convince him to stay, but it all seems abortive. The owner of the club Benson Gayle is currently looking for a replacement to lead the team. 

Report has it that Sean payton has been searching all over the internet on top of  how not to cry during a news conference.
Sean call be called the greatest head coach in New Orleans saint History.
This was the message of the team, from the message we can tell how emotional everyone is.

Sean payton has been pictured always wearing a visor with the number 96, his reason is that he wears it to honour a close friend of the organization who passed away. The name of the friend who passed is Cortez Kennedy.

Here are the list of awards given to Sean Payton.
 - National football league coach of the year.

  - Kansas City committee of 101 NFC coach of the year.
  - ESPY Awards outstanding team - New Orleans saint.

  - NCAA silver anniversary Award 2012.

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