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           WHO IS TOM BRADY?

Tom Brady is one of the best quarter back in the history of American football (NFL). He is currently with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL. Tom Brady and his team were always know for dominating the league and to also add that Tom Brady has the highest arm extension in the league.
Tom Brady short-gun formation might have added and given him an upper hand in the league which will eventually lead to their domination. Tom Brady is a not just a player everyone admires, he has good height and a nice body also. He is regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time. 

Before being a quarterback, Tom Brady spent 20 seasons with  the New England Patriots as he was only the Central contributor. One thing Tom Brady has learnt to do very well is that he has the ability to drive the ball into double coverage and make all the field side throw offense.

He is always aware of the pressure coming from his opponent. Sometimes back Tom Brady made a three straight 100 passer rating. Well Tom Brady is currently going for his 10th super bowl in his 20 years of playing so far.
It was said that Tom Brady is the best beer chugger in his team. That's actually a funny thing to say as he was seen chugging beer in his 40th birthday.

Many people don't see Tom Brady playing for any other  as he has been in his current team since 20 years. The truth is if he tries to go to another Team, there won't be any benefit as he is already 44 years old. 

 Sometimes it depends on how the situation is at that point in time, if Tom Brady and his team are in need of a goal then Brady begins to deliver his passes sometimes with force so it will get to his teammates. Just as we all know that throwing the ball when it's necessary leads to high completion percentage.

 Sometimes playing quarterback is just about being really smart as it is easier for the receiver to catch it and it's also not always easy for the quarterback when he throws the ball.


Just as you and I know him as Tom Brady, that isn't his full name. His full name is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady jr.


Tom Brady is currently 44 years old as he was born on the 3rd of August, 1977 in San Mateo, California.


He currently plays as a quarter back.


Tom Brady is a very tall athlete as he is said to be 6 ft 4 in which is 1.93 m. He is also fleshy as he weighs 225Ib which is 102kg.


His father Thomas Brady sr and his mother Galynn Patricia happened to be the parents of Tom Brady. They bore 4 children together. Tom Brady happens to be the only male child of his parents and also the last child of his parents. Tom was raised in a Catholic way
His parents both have their roots traced to Europe. His father is a of Irish ancestry while his mother has German, Norwegian, polish and swedish ancestry. Tom Brady has 3 elder siblings (sisters) Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. 

Tom Brady had always wanted to play American football even at a young age as he always went to candlestick park to watch San Francisco 49ers play their match. It's a big coincidence that Tom Brady has always admired Joe Montana and he look at him as his idol who is a good quarterback also, this drove Tom into being a quarterback also.

Due to his love for football as a sport, he attended a football camp at the college of San Mateo where Tony Graziani taught him the basics on how to throw the football. Tom Brady played football, baseball and basketball when he was growing. His favourite team in basketball was Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. He just couldn't pick one over another.

When he started playing football, he usually played as a backup or a substitute quarterback, he later gained full possession over the position when the initial quarterback was injured from that moment onwards he became the regular starter for Padres junior Varsity until he graduated.

Tom Brady was the greatest Football player in high school, he often played with his left. The Monreal Expos offered him money to join baseball but Brady interest in football made him choose football over baseball.

   In 1995, Tom Brady gained admission into the university of Michigan and was expected to stay there till 1999. He was a backup quarterback for Michigan in his first two years. Brady usually struggle for playing time as he was frustrated and even anxious because of he wasn't getting enough playing time as he expected. 

Tom Brady started his professional career in 2000 where he has served as a key starter in 20 seasons of his career. He has started in 363 games (316 regular season and 47 play off). Brady was always starting in almost all games in all seasons only with the exempt of 2008 where he had a serious knee injury.
Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to their 17 AFC East titles. When he appeared in his 18th postseason with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that was actually  his first his team appeared as a wildcard.
Tom Brady has a record of being the only NFL quarter back to win 200 regular season games and also having 35 postseason victories more than any other quarterback. Tom Brady happens to be one of the 4 quarterback to defeat all 32 NFL Teams. 

Tom Brady has also won the Superbowl 6 times for the Patriots and he won it again for the Buccaneers. He has won Superbowl MVP honour. Like I said earlier, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL as he holds most of the quarterback record. Tom Brady has been playing for over 20 seasons now and because of his longevity, he has been named the NFL oldest player to win the Superbowl MVP at the age of 43. He was also named the MVP of the league at age 40.

In 2020 Tom Brady was traded to Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a two year contract where his special Shirt number was already taken ( number 12) by Chris Godwin to 14. The shirt number 12 was later given to him. Tom Brady made a complete pass for the Buccaneers in his debut. He made 23 out of 36 passes.

He finished 2020 season in a wonderful way as he made 40 passing touchdowns in 4633 passing yards and 12 interceptions. He still created another record with that making him the oldest quarterback to record a five touchdown game. It's. O longer news that Tom Brady is one of the most decorated NFL player and one of the greatest Athletes known.


Brady was raised in a Catholic doctrine but he later said that he is spiritual. Tom has dated alot of people in the past. He dated Bridget moynahan who is an actress , their relationship lasted for only 2 years as Bridget was pregnant for Tom. She later gave birth to her child. It happened to be a male child as he was named John Edward Thomas Moynahan.
In 2006, Tom and Gisele Bündchen a Brazilian model started dating around December. They later got married in 3 years after and gave birth to 2 children a son ( Benjamin rein) born in 2009 and a daughter (Vivian lake) born on 2012. When Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he rented a house from an Ex baseball player who was called Derek Jeter.  Tom and his wife Gisele Bündchen later bought a house together in India Creek, Florida.


Tom Brady watches the kind of things he take, he he observant of alot of things concerning his health. Tom takes alot of water as he even advocate it that it's great to drink 1/32 of your body weight. Tom Brady doesn't take some fruit and food. He has a diet plan known as TB 12 method and every member of his family abide by it.

He just find them unhealthy to his system, they include;

Tomatoes, pepper, egg plant, coffee, mushrooms, white sugar, soda, white rice,  potatoes, bread, gluten and flour. 

His diet plan has influenced alot of his friends as they have started practising it also.


Tom seems to be a very lucrative investor as he knows that he won't play football all his life. He has invested in a clothing line on the heel of success of his TB 12 Wellness company. His clothing line was launched earlier this year.

He sells engineered knit beanies, rain jacket, bomber jacket, vest, hoodies and polo.


Tom is regarded as one of the richest football player in the history of NFL. Tom is worth $250 million as he warns approximately $20.3 million every year.
Tom makes alot from endorsement deal also as it was reported that he makes over $150million for endorsement. Here are the list of companies he has been endorsed with.

Under Armour, UGG, Tag Heuer, Aston Martin, and also Intel and Shields.

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