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Rafael Nadal is a professional Spanish tennis player, he is so good that he know in and out of the game. Rafael Nadal has been recognized as one of the most humble Tennis player yet still vulnerable. His mentality about tennis should be a discussion for another day.
All tennis players should emulate Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal life isn't all about tennis, he is a huge fan of Real Madrid and he also plays golf in his free time. Just imagine an Athlete taking possession of two activities. That's how good Nadal is.

Rafael Nadal is one Tennis player who has contended with almost all big names in Tennis as a sport and has won every individual there. Rafael Nadal has earned alot of nickname since his journey started in Tennis.
Such names include;
El Nini, King of Clay, Rafa, Rafi, as well as Spain's raging Bull.   Here is just a short story of how Rafael Nadal got his nickname KING OF CLAY.

Rafael Nadal has been compared many times with Federer and Djokovic. There is no doubt that Nadal has won so many games on clay than any other tennis player. When he was compared to Federer some previous games they have played came up and it was seen that Nadal has won 11/17 GS in RG. 

While Federer has only won 8/20 GS In Wimbledon. From the stat it was seen that  Rafael Nadal surpassed Federer a little bit. For this reason Federer's supports and fans have developed a high level of hatred for Rafael Nadal. This is normal in sport as everyone won't like you even if you are the best.

The same thing is also applicable to Rafael Nadal fans and supporters.


Rafael Nadal is aging well, it won't be a surprise anymore if he wakes up one more and give a speech, that he could retire any time soon. Rafael Nadal is currently 35 years old as he has achived alot since he started his Tennis career. He was born on the 3rd of June 1986 in Manacor, Mallorca, in Spain. 


Rafael Nadal is a tall athlete, his height can also be one factor helping him when he plays. As height is an advantage in any sport. Rafael Nadal is said to be 6 ft 1 in which is 1.85 m. He weight 85kg.


Rafael Nadal has been involved in many games in career, he has a 83.2% rating. Nadal has won 1037 games and he has also lost 209 games. 


In as much as Rafael Nadal doesn't think of himself as someone that is extremely special, he just feel normal as a person, we still consider him as a very special tennis player out there.   Rafael Nadal who has won his 10th title at the Roland Garros more than any other player in the history of tennis still doesn't feel it's something to make him proud of.  He sense of humor, modesty and hardwork is worth emulating.

It has been said that Rafael Nadal and Federer rivalry has been one of the most intense, iconic and most entertaining rivalry in Tennis. 


Most successful Athletes all started at a young age, some started as early as 3 years. Rafael Nadal was very young when he started playing tennis as a sport, although it wasn't as a professional. 

His uncle who was also his coach noticed that when he served, he always use both hands. Toni Nadal then advices that he use his left hand when serving as it will give him an edge on the court.

He was coached by his uncle Toni Nadal who is a former professional Tennis player. As he grew up, he was among one of the most successful teenager.

After Nadal bacame a professional, he created so many records, as he bacame the first tennis player to win 3 major championship in a calendar year. He won in hard, grass and clay just in a year.
Rafael Nadal won Djokovic in 2010 and after that moment, their rivalry started. Nadal and Djokovic has faced each other 58 times. 

Djokovic has won Nadal in 3 major final. From observations and other reports Rafael Nadal has said to be one of the best tennis player at breaking serve. 

EARLY LIFE: Rafael Nadal was born on the 3rd of June 1986 in Spain. Sabastian Nadal Homar ( his father) and Ana Maria Parera Femenias (his mother). When Rafael Nadal was young, he loved play tennis and football but his father made him pick between the 2 sport and Rafael chose Tennis which he had passion for.

Rafael Nadal was from an average family as his father was a business man and he also owns an insurance company, glass and window company. 
Nadal bacame a professional at at young age, just at age 15.
Rafael was just 17 years when he played against Federer and he was among one of the 6 players who won Federer at that time.

At the age of 18, Rafael was already ranked as number 51. Rafael later played against Torneo conde de Godó and Guillermo coria and he won them where his rank increased and he was ranked No.5. just when Rafael was celebrating his 19th birthday, he won Federer in a French open game as he was one of the 4 players to do that in the history of Tennis.

Also adding to it, Rafael Nadal is the first player to defeat Federer in a Grand slam tournament final. Later on Nadal and Federer were fixed to play against each other in the finals of the Wimbledon for the 3rd consecutive year. The final Happened to be the longest final in the history of Wimbledon.

It was long as a result of rain falling that day. Nadal also won the Wimbledon final. He also ended Federer record which was five consecutive Wimbledon titles and 65 straight wins on a grass court. That's was the same time Rafael Nadal won the Grand slam back to back.

Rafael Nadal became world number 1 ATP Player when he won Grand slam tournament in the US open. When Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal played against each other, Nadal had a major injury which could have made him to withdraw from any competition at that time.

Rafael Nadal has considered 2010 his best season ever in tennis just as he became the first male Tennis Player to win a grand slam tournament in clay, grass and hard court in the same year. Rafael has numerous records he has set and broken during the years and they will be listed below.
  - Rafael ended the 11 year gap between Nadal first year-end No. 1 season in 2008 and his last in 2009.

  - Rafael Nadal is the first player to hold, lose and regain the year-end No. 1 ranking on four different occasions.

  - When Rafael Nadal was 33 years old, he was the oldest person to finish as year-end No. 1 player.

  - Rafael Nadal became the first player to also finish as the year-end No. 1 five  times in Non-consecutive years.


Rafael Nadal has been in competitions with many rivals as this is the most important part of the game.


Right from July 2005 till 14th of June 2009, these two have been holding the top ranking. They started playing each other since 2004. They have played against each other 40 times as they are the only 2 players to maintain a top position for 4 consecutive years. Right from the beginning Nadal is the only tennis player who who has won frederer in the final of a grand slam in all 3 surfaces (hard, grass and court). Frederer has defeated Nadal seven times consecutively even on clay.


Their rivals has been entertaining over the years as they have met 58 times more than any tennis rivals before. Their rival is listed as the third greatest rival in Tennis.

              NADAL VS MURRAY

Nadal and Murray only met during grand slam as they have made appearances  in quarterfinals and semifinals. Nadal has defeated Murray in the 3 consecutive semifinals they have both played in. They have been involved in 24 games together since 2007. They have never met in a Grand slam semifinal as Nadal will always win during the quarter final.

               NADAL VS BERDYCH

Everytime they meet, it always turns out to be in favour of Nadal. They have met 24 time whereby Nadal has won 20 times leaving Nerdych to win only 4. It gave Nadal a 83.3% win which seems like his Highest percentage win with any rival. Nadal and Berdych last encounter was in  2019 Australian open (round of 16) to be more specific.  This is as a result of injuries on both parties Nadal beat Berdych in their last games and after that Berdych retired at the end of the season.


His journey started with his uncle bring his personal Coach, then after so many challenges, wins and loses he gradually changed his coach. Here is the list of coaches Nadal has had since his career.

Tony Nadal (2005 - 2017)

Francisco Roig ( 2005 -   )

Carlos Moyá ( 2016 -  )

Marc López ( 2021 -   )


His is an indigene of Spain  and also grew up there, so definitely he speaks Spanish very well. He has been seen always writing on his social media page in his native language which is Mallorcan variety. He is likely to be bilingual in Spanish and Balearic Catalan. He has also been seen writing in English in his post on social media but we don't know if it's written by someone else or it Nadal's doing.


- Rafael Nadal has decided to put his muscle away, he was usually seen with a sleeveless T-shirt, he has decided to change his look as he has moved on to a polo shirt.

  - Rafael Nadal got his fashion sense from his mother: even at 35, Nadal still listens to his mother's advice as an advice on what he shot put on is also part of it. He has seen and learnt how his mother usually pick his clothes as he now picks them himself. 

  -  Rafael Nadal finds trouser as a serious problem. Just as it is that many Athletes are usually not comfortable in trousers, many prefer a shot to match with any T-shirt. Nadal has said he has big thighs and a small waist. So putting on a trousers will make it obvious that the trouser is baggy around his waist. 

  - Nadal loves head band and has no tattoo. It's unusual to see Nadal without a head band as he is always with one, he has so many just with different colours. Rafael Nadal has also said that he doesn't have tattoo and isn't thinking of getting any at all. This really shows how decent Nadal is. He doesn't even find earrings in men attractive.

  -  Many people have mistaken Nadal to be a youth because of how young he looks, some say he is in his early 20's.

  - Nadal doesn't collect watches or trainers. It's funny how Nadal only collect DVD'S and game console. It seems Nadal is a big fan of PES as he always love playing it during his leisure time.


Wearing watch on the the court has never occurred to Rafael before as he was always reluctant to even do it. When he met Richard mille in 2008, there was a lot of convincing from Richard to Nadal.
Richard mille even had to go to Rafael Nadal's house to show him the collection of watch they made for him, Nadal loved it and accepted it from that day onwards it has been like a skin to Nadal. His watch is actually worth $725,000.


It's no news that Rafael Nadal is one of the best tennis players and he is still one of the highest paid. According to Forbes list, he is worth $121 million just as prize cash in his career as he is fully worth over $200 million. He has been involved in many partnership with different companies such as;
Kia motors, Nike, Emporio Armani, Richard Mille, Mapfre, Heliocare, Babolat, santander, Banco sabadell and many other companies.


He has won the Grand slam title 20 times, He has also won 13 French open titles,  35 master 1000 titles and also 3 Grand slam tournament on 3 different surfaces in the same calendar year.


Contacting celebrities now isn't as difficult as it used to be before, you don't have to run around or write letters before contacting them.
You can contact Nadal on Twitter and Instagram.


For Rafael Nadal to be among the top Tennis player, he should expect expect love from different supporters and fans. 
Nadal has been thinning right from when he was in his early 20's and he didn't really make it much of a big deal as he underwent hair transplant surgery in 2016.

Even though it wasn't obvious that Rafael Nadal was thinning because he has thick hair making it not too visible. After the surgery, it was said that the thinning reduced drastically.


Rafael Nadal and his wife had been dating since 2015 now and they decided to tie the knot in 2019. They had their marriage in October 2019. They got married in a guest of about 350 in La Fortaleza castle in Majorca.  His wife Maria Francisca was born on the 7th of July in 1988. 

They are still expecting a child together as Nadal is taking his time just so he can focus on his career
Despite been left handed, Rafael Nadal does every other thing with his right hand and he does them well. 
She works as a director in Rafael Nadal foundation. Maria Francisca is really a private person as there are little things that can be said about her.


Rafael has already gone ahead to open his own Academy in 2016 in Manacor, Spain. The main aim for this is to provide high class facility and also provide a high class tennis player later on in the future.

When he launched his academy, the event was attended by his fellow rival Frederer in tennis also who is a good friend. Other popular tennis players were also present

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