who is better between Ronaldo and Messi??

Who is the greatest of all time in football?

This discussion has been on for over 15 years and the truth is both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo gave been regarded as the GOAT of their own time, a specific answer has been given and this is surely going to be a discussion for eternity. From different perspective stat has been used to show how well they performed in a season but has been able to give us who is the best. The Argetine and Portuguese has won the heart of football fans over the years almost everywhere around the world. We will be using so many stat such as individual award, world cup, international award, champions league and so many more. 
In the year 2014/2015 session Ronaldo scored his highest goal ever for his club which was a total of 61 goals and Lionel Messi scored 73 goals in the year 2011/2012 session. Although all together from the previous years Ronaldo has 676 clubs goals while Messi has 672 clubs goals making Ronaldo higher.

Ronaldo has appeared in 187 champions league games and has provided 141 goals having a GPG meaning a goal per game of 0.75 while Messi has appeared 153 times which is 34 times less than Ronaldo's champions league appearance and has scored 123 goals with a GPG of 0.80
 Cristiano Ronaldo might have won here again from this stat, he's currently the highest goal scorer in champions league. But if we look carefully Lionel Messi has a good GPG and lesser appearance that Ronaldo which means he has a great chance of turning things around with little or equal games as Ronaldo.

While people say Ronaldo is selfish when he plays among his teammates, some have gone to say Messi is the best at giving assistance and he doesn't play individual football on the pitch. Let see if it's all true
Ronaldo highest assist so far was in 2014/2015 season where he gave 21 assist for his club on the other hand Lionel Messi had 29 assists in 2011/2012 season. Adding all season together Ronaldo has 139 assist and Lionel Messi has  226 assist which makes Messi have more assist than Ronaldo. Messi was once the highest assister in football. All we can say is that in this particular category, Lionel Messi dominated this in a large proportion.

Ronaldo has 114 international goals and has captained Portugal 184 times on the other hand Messi has 80 international goals and has captained Argentina 158 times. Ronaldo seems to be dominating in anything that has to do with goals in it. Some call him a goal machine but is that true? Ronaldo has surpassed the former world highest International goal scorer Ali  Daei's record and he's now crowned the highest International goal scorer ever.

Ronaldo and Messi has never won a world cup before, this should be their only limitation on football, they might have won almost everything but not this. 

They both have 1 European title each to their names, this was Messi's limitation for years till he broke the record last year and ended up surprising his haters. What can this two beast of Football not do?

Ronaldo has 7 league titles while Messi has 10 league titles making him to have 3 titles more than Ronaldo although Messi has been in a particular club for 17 years and hasn't been more flexible like Ronaldo, maybe that also contributed to his large number.

Ronaldo has won 5 world cup titles while Messi has won 4

Ronaldo has 5 Balloon d'or while Messi has 7. Messi is the only player to have achieved this feat in the history of Football. My everyday question is are we still going to find a perfect replacement for this two again?

Ronaldo has 4 club world cup titles and 4 Nation cup title while Lionel Messi has 3 club world cup titles and 7 National cups.

Ronaldo has gotten a nickname from fans " Mr champions league" this should be as a result of how spectacular he is in the league, he's always extra ordinary

Ronaldo has 2 FIFA Best men player while Messi has 1

Ronaldo has no world cup Golden ball while Messi has 1

Ronaldo has 4 European Golden shoe while Messi has 6

Ronaldo has won for himself 4 UEFA player of the year while Messi has won for himself 3.

Ronaldo has 4 player of the year league award while Messi has 6.

It's no longer news that many fans still want the two great players to continue with their harmless rivalry, we all just love to see good football.

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