I'm not at Manchester United to compete for sixth or seventh - Ronaldo

I'm not at Manchester United to compete for sixth or seventh - Ronaldo

Manchester United are currently seventh in the premier league and lie 22 points below premier league leaders Manchester city. It's obvious that Cristiano Ronaldo right from when he was in his prime, he had a fighting spirit and doesn't like losing or being the least choice, he has said that it's not acceptable for the club to be targeting anything less that top 3 finish in the premier league and this is true. It's every teams dream to be in the top 3 and the United forward has told fans as well as doubters to give Ragnick more time. United who later change ole from being their coach to the present interim coach Ralf Ragnick. While Ragnick has steadied his the team with 4 wins from 7 matches as well as 3 goals conceded, they are still 7th in the premier league table.
The lowest point of the German's brief tenure was undoubtedly the home defeat to wolves on January 3, after which the United defender Luke Shaw said ''he didn't feel well''. When asked if united could hope to close the Gap on their top-four  rivals without the correct mentality, Ronaldo said ''impossible, I think it's the main point and don't accept our mentality to be less than being in the top 3 in the premier league.''I think to build up good things, sometimes you have to destroy a few things. So why not - new year, new life and I hope that Manchester (United) can be the level that the fans want. They deserve that. Ronaldo still believes that the team is capable of changing changing the perspective. He also said he's not here to be in the seventh or sixth or fifth position, he's here to compete and win.

I think Manchester United compete but aren't in their best level yet and still have a long way to improve. Ronaldo urge fans and doubter to give Ragnick more time, since he came to Manchester United five weeks ago he has changed alot of things and he needs more time to  put his ideas across the players. It's not easy to change the mentality, system and culture of a team just like that, everything good works with time. Ronaldo believes Ragnick is going to do a great job at united.

Ronaldo has also expressed his sympathy toward ole solskjaer the United former boss who was changed then Michael Carrick(caretaker manager) then Ralf Ragnick(interim coach). It's difficult when you change too much, always tough he said. It's was sad and tough, ole used to play with me before and now he was the coach, a fantastic person. When he left everyone was sad but it's all part of what football is, people come and go. Unit has to work harder, be together as a team as they aren't in their best moment but with hardwork they will achieve it this season. 

Many has said Ragnick has been too well of a manager in the last 10 years and hasn't managed a top club before, he could be feeling his way a bit and finding his feet at a club the size of Manchester United because that is certainly the biggest job for him right now. The jury is still out as to whether he can actually turn it around because what we've seen so far, he hasn't had an effect really.

Ronaldo thinks that having an interim manager will affect some of the players and their attitudes and performances when they are taking instructions off somebody who they know isn't going to be there as long as they are, at least in the dugout. He might move upstairs but certainly, I do think it can have an effect psychologically on certain individuals. Well this is the decision Manchester United went for and it was the best move they hope for.

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