Is Djokovic still playing at the Australian open?

Is Djokovic still playing at the Australian open 2022?

After so many fight not physical fact kist to clear everyone, a fight between Djokovic's lawyer and the Australian government about the tennis player not being vaccinated, we will see in this article if  he's still going to play in the Australian open.

After fighting for the second time, the world No. 1 tennis player has lost the fight against the Australian government and has been deported from Australia. It's so sad hearing the news that the defending Australian open champion Djokovic won't be defending his title. Djokovic seems disappointed about everything that has happened and is even tired of fighting with the Australia government over the Court's decision and has said that he will leave. He already flew out of the country after deportation. Djokovic has now been replaced in the Australian open draw by a fortunat loser.
Djokovic who is now facing a 3-year ban from travelling to Australia unless the decision is revoked by the government that's if it affect the Nations interest. He has stated that he's really disappointed about the court decision on cancelling his Visa for the second time, he has respected their decision and decided to leave the country for good. He has gone far to wish the players, tournament official, staffs, volunteers and fan good luck and will be using this time to rest and recover from the issue that just ended. He has also said a big "thank u" to his family, friends, teams and fans for their undying support.
Serbia's president Aleksander  Vucic can't wait to see Djokovic back in the country and has gone to say that Australia government might think they humiliated Djokovic but they didn't, they only humiliated themselves. The question some people are asking is that will he still continue with the Australia open even after his ban has been lifted?

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