Is Rafael Benitez still Everton coach?

Is Rafael Benitez still Everton coach?

Many has been asking if Rafael Benitez still remains everton's coach. Well report just reaching us will give you all the information you need to know currently about Rafael Benitez in this article.

It's not up to a year Everton signed Benitez as their head coach, oh well my colleague just said it's actually less that 7 months in the office and the news reaching us right now is that he's no longer Everton's head coach. Since his arrival at Everton, he didn't perform up to the team's expectations and kept everyone guessing if he truly knows what he is doing. Everton lost in a 2-1 defeat to Norwich city yesterday. Even if we were told that everton will win just 1 out of the 16 games they have played so far, no one will believe. But this is fact, it happened already and everton are currently 16th on the premier league table.
Among all team and season in which Benitez has coach in his career, this seems to be the Lowest result he has ever gotten. Or does it mean he's relenting as a coach. In Liverpool, he had 56.3% win, Liverpool happened to be the club he has managed the longest with 350 games played and 197 won.
He later managed Chelsea and had his highest winning rate which is 58.3% with fewer games when compared to that of Liverpool. He managed 48 games and won 28 games.
He was then sacked and moved to Newcastle where he had 42.5% winning rate, winning only 62 games out of 146 games managed. 
Then finally went to everton but this time he has been sacked because his winning rate is actually the lowest in his managing career. He had 31.8% win and won only 7 games out of 22 games managed. The management must really be disappointed with his poor progress.

Indeed this form is really a bad one for Benitez and the club can no longer continue with him. Everton only won 1 out of their last 11 games under Benitez as their coach. Everton are currently looking for possible replacement and have got their eyes on Wayne Rooney the former everton player who is now a coach at derby county, they also have their eyes on  Roberto Martinez.

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