Rashford send messages to his teammates that the fans want to see

Rashford sends message to his teammates that the fans want to see

In no doubt Manchester United has been in a very poor form this season and the question from everyone's mouth is will united finish in the top 4? The results over the previous matches has been disappointing and fans and getting tired of the usual apologies from the players like 'we go again' or 'bounce back' and are expecting something better, only for the next game and the offer the same performance as usual this season.
Honestly, apologies could be accepted for a single terrible performance and the whole team will move on but with continuous poor performance against Leicester, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and even Watford, it seems united fan could expect a paragraph of apologies to read after every match.   So far Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus rashford, Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes are among the players to tender apologies to their fans. Speculations and doubt came from fans if the players really cared about their poor performance at all.

Of all players, Fred took to social media to defend his team mate and shut down any report of problems. Without any external information or knowledge it's crystal clear that every match means so much to united fans and if they aren't ready for a great performance then an apology shouldn't be tendered.   The big question is will Manchester United finish in the top 4 this season?alsportmedia.com.ng

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