Renata voracova did nothing wrong to prompt deportation from Australia - WTA

Renata voracova did nothing wrong to prompt deportation from Australia - WTA 

The Czech player caught in Australia over her vaccine status, she has cleared the air and said she hope Djokovic would be able to compete at the next week Australian open. The issue of Australia issuing cancellation of visa over unvaccination to covid-19 has risen. Veracova was forced to leave Melbourne over her visa cancellation. Although like Djokovic, veracova has been granted a medical exemption to compete at the Australian open. The exemption has been granted on the basis because the 38-year old has caught the virus since last month, which she said has prevented her from being vaccinated along side with other medical issues.
Renata voracova has followed the rules and procedures for entry upon her arrival, she competed in an event and suddenly she has her visa cancelled. Many has said she didn't deserve it as she has done nothing wrong and will keep working with the authorities to address the issue in an appropriate manner. Just as the men's number 1 tennis player is hoping to remain in Australia to defend the Australian open after his Visa was cancelled also. Veracova has said that the was the Australian authorities treated her.

She said "I sent all the documents. They were approved. If I knew there would be even a 1% chance of something not being right, I wouldn't go." She was detained in the same hotel as Djokovic before she left the country on Saturday. Veracova also stated that she was treated like a criminal, "I didn't even use the normal life, I went through the side lift where people couldn't see me and then we went to the garage where there was a van". She said the windows in her room at the government hotel were locked and people were guarding the corridors between the rooms. With no chance to train, she chose to leave Australia.

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