saka can fit in and play for any team in Europe - According to Roy keane.

. Saka can fit in and play for any team in Europe - According to Roy Keane.

When the season start, it was like Arsenal were going to relegate but Arsenal really turned out to be spectacular this season and they are having a good time in the title race this season. Despite their defeat to Nottingham Forest in the FA cup, the Gunners are out of the competition. Roy keane has recently said that Arsenal looks like real Madrid maybe with their recent squad or style of play but he then said they play like a pub team despite their attractive style of play so far and said they deserve all they go to no longer participate in the FA cup.

According to Keane, he believes Bukayo saka can fit in any club in Europe, the 20-year old is really making eave for himself and the club. So far he has scored 7 goals and provided 4 assists in just 23 appearances this season. While on punditry duty for ITV, Keane showered praises on Saka for both his ability in the pitch and how he conducts himself even off the pitch saying he's well behaved. Keane believes he will do well for other European team as well.

He has special skills and he's so humble when he he speaks and will make a great, great player in the nearest future says Roy  keane.

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