Undertaker's biography

Undertaker's biography

The WWE wrestlers whose has many stage name but decided to go with the undertaker. His real name is Mark William calaway. Like I said in the beginning of this article he has so many nicknames such as; Dead man, Big Evil, The phenom, The man from the dark side and so on.
From this article we will get to know alot of things from undertaker as we all know him as.

Undertaker was born in 24 March 1965 Houston, Texas in the United State of America. He's currently 56 years old and he is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever. He has been married 3 times, yes you heard that right. He got married to Jodi Lynn in 1989 and the divorced in 1999, later on he got married to Sara Frank in 2000 and they divorced in 2007 then married Michelle McCool in 2010. Undertaker is still currently signed to WWE Network and has been entertaining us for years.
Some physical stats of the undertaker include;
  - He has Hazel brown eye colour
  -  He also has brown hair
  -  He weighs 138 in kilogram and 310 Ibs in pounds.
  -  He is 6 ft 10 inches 
He started his WWE debut in June 26 1987 that's 35 years of his career dedicated to wrestling. Report has it that undertaker retired November 22 2020. He has 4 children although they are from different wives. The undertaker was well known for his best finish move known as Tomb stone pile driver, chokeslam and Hell's Gate (submission maneuver).

The undertaker went to Waltrip high school in Houston, Texas. Many don't also know that the undertaker is a Christian. Yes he was raised by a Christian family. He went to Angelina college Lufkin in Texas also and then Texas Wesleyan University, Fort worth, Texas. Well undertaker dropped out along the line in his educational pursuit. The undertaker's intention was to demoralize his opponent when ever they are on the ring together.

His father names is Frank calaway, his mother name is Catherine calaway. He has 4 brothers and all are his elder brother and their names include (David, Michael, Paul, Timothy).
He enjoys watching pulp fiction and his favorite TV show was the supranos.
He has 3 daughters (Gracie calaway, chasey calaway, and Kaia calaway) he also has a son from his first wife and the name of his son is Gunner Vincent calaway. Outside the ring as a profession for calaway, he has also invested in lot of real estate sector. He laid the foundation of a multi million dollar called The calahart located in Loveland Colorado.

We bring to your notice some fun fact about undertaker that you don't Know.

 1. Undertaker drinks alcohol but isn't certain if he smokes.
 2. He made his debut in 1989 with his stage name mean Mark.
 3. The undertaker made his WWE debut under the ring name Kane the undertaker and was however dropped few months later.

 4. He has never lost a match through submission. This is hard to believe but it's true.

 5. He has phobia of cucumbers.

 6.  Do you know that calaway also struggled around at many wrestling promotion to make a name for himself.

 7. The undertaker and kane aren't brothers, many have thought them to be brothers.

 8.  Despite leaving the WrestleMania ring as a champion, undertaker never returned as a champion.

 9.  The undertaker has competed in more WWE television show than any other wrestler.

10. He was voted the greatest wrestler ever in 2013 digital spy poll.

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