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Most people say exam isn't the true test of knowledge, I will say football isn't the true test of raw talent. Carlos tevez was known for scoring quality goals. He is quite popular in some countries you wouldn't even imagine. It wouldn't come to anyone's mind that Carlos tevez is popular in Brazil and Chile.
Brazil is argetina Number 1 rival when it comes to country side, so I guess that is why he is that popular. We all remember when Carlos tevez wasn't given a National call and he just decided to spend his time in Disney Land over the world Cup.  If you ask me if his decision was right, to be honest I don't know the right answer to give because it hurt seeing your colleagues going to represent the country and you are left out.

We can only say his career so far has been good not so amazing in the sense that so many top players have overshadowed his performance. The competition was massive then. So many clubs that has made a transfer fee to sign Carlos tevez made no mistake, as they got the perfect quality of player for the money spent.

Carlos tevez is still regarded as one of the greatest striker in the world. His contribution to different matches on the pitch cannot be overlooked. Many fans and supporters might not love him as they use to before, but after all is said and done they all recognize his talent and work rate which is one of the most important factor.

Despite player for Manchester United, he is still the most hated player in Manchester. He left Manchester United to join their rival Manchester city. Well that was a personal decision and anything he feels is right for him, that's what he is going to do.


Carlos tevez is 37 years old at the moment and in few days he will add on to his age. He was born on the 5th of February, 1984 in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Despite his aggressive attacking spirit and goalscoring skill, Carlos tevez is still regarded as a short striker. He is just 5 ft 7 in which is 1.71 m. He is firm on the ground even though he is a short player and he weighs 77kg.


He has always been a striker since the say he started playing for Boca juniors even till this moment. Sometimes he could play as a winger, supporting striker (SS) or as an attacking midfielder. He has that driving force anytime he is with the ball.


 Tevez was initially born Carlos Alberto Martínez by his mother's surname in Ciudadela Buenos Aires on the 5th of February, 1984. Tevez was raised in a neighborhood of Ejército de Los Andes which was popularly known as Fuerte Apache.
He was born to Juan Alberto Cabral Fabiana Trina Martinez. Carlos tevez was later adopted by his aunt  Adriana Noemí Martínez and her husband  Segundo Raimundo Tevez. His adopted parents changed his surname to theirs during a conflict between All boys and Boca Juniors. 
Tevez got his nickname from his neighborhood and he was called El Apache. Many fans and supporters have been asking why there is a scar on tevez neck. Carlos tevez suffered a 3rd degree burn from hot water while he was a child. The burn extended from his face down to his chest. That is one of the most asked question about Carlos tevez body.

 The injury was extremely serious that he has to be hospitalized for almost 2 months. Carlos tevez has said his scars are his own tattoos and any team that is willing to sign him will have to take him like that as that was the way he survived.

Carlos Tevez journey in football started with Boca Juniors just at the age of 16. His efforts and that of his colleagues made Boca Juniors the champion of the 2001 Copa Libertadores. After being crowned champions they face almighty Bayern Munich that same year in an intercontinental cup but ended up losing, Carlos tevez was not involved and he didn't play that match.

Carlos Tevez scored 10 goals in 32 appearances for Boca juniors. With those goals Boca Juniors were still eliminated from Copa sudamericana by Gimnasia de la Plata in a 3-1 defeat. After Carlos tevez scored in 2003 Copa Libertadores competition, he was awarded as the tournament best player.

When Carlos tevez played against River plate, he scored against them and he imitated a chicken when he was celebrating the goal against them. River plate were called Gallinas which means (chickens). It was crystal clear that Carlos tevez was directing the goal celebration at River plate.

Carlos tevez scored alot of goals in Boca juniors and because of that he was named the possible heir to Diego maradona.
Carlos tevez later joined a Brazilian série A side (Corinthians) for a transfer fee of $16 million. Carlos tevez had already agreed to sign a 5 year contract with Corinthians.

This was the biggest transfer in the history of South American football at that time. On joining Corinthians, Carlos tevez picked up the captain band and took the responsibility as a captain. At the end of the season he was named the league's best player by the Brazilian football confederation. This has never happened before as he became the first Non- Brazilian to achieve this.

Carlos tevez became interested in premier league side West Ham united. Before he joined West Ham, he refused to continue playing for Corinthians. West Ham later signed Carlos tevez and his national colleague Javier Mascherano. The transfer fee was undisclosed. Immediately after the signed the two National friends, west Ham went on a 9 game winless streak (A draw and 8 loss) it also involved 7 straight games with any west Ham player registering a single goal.

As a result of their bad performance, they were eliminated from UEFA cup and league Cup. A new management stepped in, under the management of  Alan Curbishley, Carlos tevez made his debut against Brighton and Hove Albion. He was a major contribution to his team victory. 
As at April 2007, West Ham seemed to be in trouble as premier league as west Ham went against their rules after signing teven and Mascherano. The issue was later resolved, that same year in 2007 Carlos tevez was named as west Ham player of the year.

In 2007 there were rumours that Italian side inter Milan were interested in tevez, at that time he was willing to turn down any offer from any club as he only wanted to play for premier league then. Then Manchester United came with an offer to sign Carlos tevez but West Ham didn't want to release the player. The two parties had to take the matter to court before it was adjourned.

Carlos Tevez agreed to join Manchester on a 2 year loan deal. He had enough playing time as he took Wayne Rooney's position when he was injured. Tevez first registered his first ever goal for Manchester United in a game against Chelsea. He was the goal opener and lead the team in a 2-0 Victory.

Alex Ferguson quickly mad a move to make Carlos tevez deal a permanent one. Carlos tevez scored his first goal in 2008 - 2009 in a friendly match against their rival  Liverpool. He contributed to the goal scored and game Manchester United a 2-1 victory. 

Carlos tevez has even gone far as being one of the striker to have registered an early goal in the UEFA champions league. He scored in just 41 seconds against Aalborg BK. It happened to be the fastest goal in the tournament as at 2008.

Close to the end of 2008 season, Carlos tevez made a statement that he feels that his time at Manchester United will soon come to and end that season. He has been playing well for united but he wasn't satisfied that the team didn't make a permanent contract for him. Ferguson overlooked the issue and stated that Carlos tevez is a Manchester United Player.

At the end of the season, tevez advisor announced that tevez was no longer interested in Manchester United anymore. Even though Manchester united agreed to sign him on a permanent deal of a transfer fee of £25.5 million.
He rejected an offer from Liverpool and accepted offers from Manchester city which happened to be Manchester by number 1 rival.

Carlos tevez remained the first player since the departure of Terry Cooke to move from one Manchester club to another. Tevez scored his first goal against Crystal palace giving his club a 2-0 victory. Carlos tevez scored his first ever premier league hat-trick when Manchester city played against Blackburn. Manchester city won Blackburn 4-1 with the help of tevez, he also won his first premier league player of the month Award

At the end of 2010 season, Carlos tevez had already played 73 games and had scored 50 goals for Manchester city.
In 2011, Carlos tevez had issues with Manchester City when his team was playing against Bayern Munich. Although tevez wasn't part of the starter, he was suppose to come in as a substitute. He refused to come into the pitch when he saw that his team was down to 2-0.

Tevez later denied it, calling it a misunderstanding. Mancini was very angry at that time and said Carlos tevez will never play for Manchester city again.

Mancini later withdrew his statement and Carlos tevez as well made a public apology to Manchester city concerning his wrong decision. Tevez later made a return back to Manchester city.  Carlos tevez became the first Manchester city player to score 50 goals in the club history.

Manchester city later met West Ham in a friendly match and West Ham fans were all happy to see their former player, they were all chanting his name in the football pitch and he gave the fans a crossed armed 'Hammers' salute. He and the fans of west Ham had a nice relationship.

At the end of the season, Carlos tevez got an offer to sign for Juventus in 2013 for a transfer fee of £12 million. He agreed to join and was given the number 10 which was last worn by Juventus Highest goal scorer as at that time. Tevez first season at Juventus was very amazing as he scored 21 goals and became the highest goal scorer in Serie A.

On the 26th of June, 2015 Carlos tevez made a move back to his first club Boca Juniors. He had always wanted to go there and if possible retire there. He scored a total of 9 goals in 15 matches. That was a season that meant alot to tevez. That same year he won the Argentine primeria division and Copa Argentina double.

 He became the first player to win two domestic League and cup Doubles in a single year. Despite his departure to Boca Juniors, he was still named serie A footballer of the year.

Carlos tevez needed to join another club as he wanted to try something new. He then signed for Shanghai shenhua in China on the 29th of December, 2016. He was expected to collect $41 million and it will make it the highest paid player as at that time. During his stay in the Chinese side, the manager criticized tevez for being over weight.

Carlos tevez later returned to his first club again, this is the third time he has gone back to Boca juniors. He left on the 5th of January, 2018. He and his teammates won the 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 primera division. Carlos tevez later announced that he was not mentally fit to keep it up with Boca juniors anymore and that he will be leaving at the end of 2021 season.
Carlos tevez is one player who holds family to a high esteem, he enjoys every moment with his family. He spends hot summer in the beach with his family  saying it gives wellbeing and fitness.

Even though he always has a tight schedule because of football, he still always has a way of creating time for his family. Carlos tevez always celebrate football trophies with his family, he makes sure that they are present at every title is is about to win with his club.


Many footballers have been involved in this situation whereby their father was kidnapped by unknown men. Mikel obi, Robinho and Tevez have been the footballer that we know that their fathers were kidnapped. 

Carlos tevez father was taken by some group of men while he was driving in moron at about 30km ( 20 miles) west of argetina's capital. The kidnappers called and demanded $50,000, up till this moment we don't know if the payment was made.

Tevez was granted his request to go and take care of his father. He suffered some emotional agony and this made him stay away from football for a while.


Tevez has been questioned about his appearance alot especially his teeth. Have you ever wondered why some of your favourite football have bad teeth, it might be as a result of lack of interest for their teeth while they were growing.

Carlos tevez said the reason for his bad crooked teeth is as a result of street fight while he was growing up as a kid and a teenager.


Tevez has been in many relationship as so many footballers. He was involved in an open relationship with Brenda Asnicar who is an actress. Apart from football, Carlos tevez also knows how to play golf and he can perform as a musician. He and his brother Diego usually perform together. The group is best known for their hit song "Lose your control".

On the 22nd of December, 2016 Carlos tevez got married to the love of his life Vanesa Mansilla and they are now blessed with two daughters whose names are Florencia and Katia.
Florencia is closer to her dad that Katia and she stole her father's heart, tevez has a tattoo of Florencia on his right hand.


Carlos tevez was just a normal earning player when he was at the premier league side but when he received an offer from the Chinese side his networth skyrocketed and he became one of the highest paid players in football.
He is said to be worth £21 million currently.

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