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Savannah Marshall is one super talented British professional Boxer who has been in a very good form since October 2020. She has held the WBO female Middleweight title since 2020. She is a pretty good fighter but tends to freeze sometimes in big matches.
From being an amateur to a professional just as it should be for everyone, Savannah Marshall is now a pro, she has been impressive over the years and entertaining to watch. Savannah is in for many titles as it stands. One interesting thing about Savannah Marshall that most fans and supporters have been talking about is that outside the ring she is so humble to the core, down to earth, quiet, a sweet girl. Her success came as a result of hardwork.

One factor which help Savannah Marshall is that she is big, long and she moves her body very fast Savannah Marshall became the first female British world champion after she won the gold in 2012 at the world championships. She also won silver at the 2010 world championships and bronze at 2011 European championship.

Savannah Marshall got the nickname 'silent assassin' as a result of her inborn shyness. Savannah Marshall is ranked as the 2nd world best active female Middleweight and the only female boxer to have defeated claressa Shields. Savannah Marshall is known as the 5th best active super Middleweight.


To many people, Savannah looks younger than her age then to some she looks exactly just her age. Well Savannah has spent exactly 3 decades on Earth. She was born on the 19th of May, 1991 in Hartlepool, county Durham, England. She is only 30 years old.


Savannah is not just a tall boxer but she is also long, that is an advantage to her most times inside the ring. She is very fast as she can carry her self very well. Savannah Marshall is reported to be 5 ft 11 in which is 182cm.
Savannah Marshall is slender and she carries herself very fast, she weighs 75kg.kylian mbappe

Savannah was born and bred in Hartlepool which is located in the north east of England where she attended the English Martyrs school and she bagged 12 GCSEs before she gained a distinction in BTEC National Diploma in sport at Hartlepool college.

Savannah boxing story all started when she was tender, she was just 12 years old when she started boxing, a young boy pushed her into boxing indirectly after he showed off his trophy on the street and she said to herself that she will get one.

Initially there were no boxing training for girls at that time, her and two other friends had to go to a local boxing club to train. When her friends went they didn't find it interesting and they decided not to get back there. Savannah Marshall was discouraged as there was no boxing clubs for girl, she didn't stop there she kept pushing.

As soon as they noticed that she was obsessed about boxing as a sport, they had no choice but to accept her that way and they even supported her. Savannah Marshall has a competitive spirit and she always see herself winning Everytime.

Savannah won the gold at 2012 London Olympics. She still remains the only boxer to have beaten the dangerous claressa shields, the Middleweight women's gold medallist in the same year, 2012.
Savannah also won Ariane Fortin in the 2014 commonwealth game to earn herself a gold medal in the women's Middleweight division.

Savannah Marshall qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics after she had already gotten into the semi-finals.  2016 was a tough and challenging year for Savannah Marshall, after she lost a controversial decision at the Rio Olympics. Floyd Mayweather saw that she had everything it takes to be a boxer and he was interested in her, Floyd Mayweather signed Savannah Marshall as a professional. Mayweather then announced to the press that he had already signed Savannah.

Savannah Marshall started her professional debut in 2017, where she faced Sydney LeBlanc and she defeated her. Savannah lifted the WBA super Middleweight intercontinental title in Sofia, Bulgaria. She won comfortably as she defeated Sydney in all 10 rounds.Mason greenwood
After winning Sydney LeBlanc, few week later Savannah Marshall decided to leave Floyd Mayweather. It was in good terms that she left. When she left for the United kingdom, she began training with Peter fury who happens to be the uncle of Tyson fury. His training led her to her first professional fight where she became the WBO female Middleweight champion. 

There were times where she thought if she would every be lifting a belt, but here is it right now she is lifting it with both hands.


Total fights: 11
Wins: 11
Wins by KO: 9
Losses: 0


Women's amateur boxing representing great Britain 🇬🇧

              World championships
Bronze  2016 Astana   Middleweight
               Representing England
                World championships
Gold  2012 qinhuangdao   Middleweight
Silver 2010 Bridgetown  welterweight
              European championship
Bronze  2011 Rotterdam   Middleweight
               Commonwealth Games
Gold 2014    Glasgow    Middleweight

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