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David is one of the powerful forward we have in this generation of basketball, and so many comparisons has been made between Anthony Davis and LeBron James, Steven Curry and Michael Jordan. He is popularly know by the nickname *The Brow*. Enough of the introduction, please Let's Begin.


Anthony Davis is a professional NBA player who Currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. There's no doubt that he is an all star caliber type of player. Anthony is also one of those professional Basketballer whose 3 point shot is extremely amazing.

Anthony Davis is so fast that he has always got one person to tell him that after every game. His special move is to fake a pass or either fade away to get around the players he is guarding and them boom, he makes his powerful dunk.

Anthony Davis has proven to be a good offensive player. The fact that he has a high defensive IQ is still part of the reason why he is among in the mix for the defensive player of the year. Anthony Davis has risen to be one of the most valuable basketballer in the world right now.
Davis is an eight time NBA-All-Star and has been named to four All-NBA First Teams. Davis has been honoured as one of the 75 Greatest players in NBA History.


Anthony Davis was born on the 11th of March 1993. He was born in Chicago Illinois. The professional Basketball player is currently 28 years old.


We see it in our television screen but cannot measure it, Anthony Davis is a very tall player as he is 6 ft 10 in which is 2.08m. He is also of average weight and has a high jumping power, he weighs 253 In which is approximately 115kg.


He currently plays for Los Angeles Lakers and has been playing as a power Foward/ center.


Not every fan knows every detail about their favourite person, but in this sub division of the article you will get to know about Anthony Davis early life.

Anthony Davis was born into the family of Mr Anthony Davis Sr and Mrs Erainer. It was said that Davis got his height from his parents. Anthony Davis was born on the 11th of March, 1993 in Chicago Illinois. Anthony Davis happens to be a twin sister whose name is Antoinette, he also has an elder sister Lesha.
Lesha is also a basketball player, she plays at Daley college. Anthony Davis got his 6 ft figure from his father who is also 6 feet tall. Anthony Davis career as a basketball player started when he was in high school. He played for Perspective charter  school where he had been attending since 6th grade.

The way Davis grew came as a shock to everyone as he was known as "the little guy who shot thrice from the corner". Just as every other teenager grows, Davis began to grew very fast and the end of his freshman year, he was already 6 ft 0.
He began his sophomore year and at the end of his sophomore year, he was already 6 ft 4 in which is 1.93m.

When he was 6 ft 8 he began playing for junior team, his growth was just rapid as he didn't experience any pain at all at all unlike other people. When he finished his first season, he wasn't noticed at all and after 3 seasons of of good game play, Anthony Davis was regarded as the number one player in the class of 2011.

It wasn't too long when Syracuse University offered him a scholarship. Davis was one of the dominant youngster then as for this he earned an invite to NBA Top 100 camp for his wonderful performance.

In August 13, 2010 Anthony Davis chose Kentucky over DePaul. He was the only freshman in the ESPN 10-man preseason. Ohio State including Syracuse. Davis choosing  Kentucky has also followed that the commitment comes with a $200,000. It was tagged to be a rumour but the media house like 'Sun-Times still carried it.

The sentence was then removed from sun-Time high school website, Davis later denied the allegation stating that "We haven't asked for anything and no one has offered us anything". The university of Kentucky and Davis family threatened to sue Sun-Times for the article they published. Davis team played against Whitney M. Young Magnet High school, they finished with a 6-19 record, the match was also televised. At the end of that season he already made 32 points, 22 rebounds and 7 blocks.

Anthony Davis was named as the first overall selection in the 2012 NBA Draft just before his college career began.
Comparisons were made between Anthony Davis and Marcus Camby, The Best person wasn't selected but Davis is a tremendous shot blocker, he is well know for his 3 pointers, he dribbles and can get off the court faster than some guards.

Davies style of play in the 2012 was more of offensive games. He led the wildcats to a 16-0 winning record in the conference play even to the SEC Conference regular season Championship.

His average statistics per game at the end of the season was, 14.2 points per game, 10.4 rebounds per game,4.7 blocks per game, he also made 62.3% as his field goal percentage at the end of the season. Kentucky were Number one in the 2012 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.
Anthony Davis also led Kentucky to their 8th NCAA championship. Due to his high performance, Davis earned for himself the *Sporting News men's college Basketball player of the year*. He also won the US Basketball writers Association's (USBWA) on the 19th of March. Anthony Davis became the second freshman after Kevin Durant to win the Associated press college Basketball player of the year.

He won the John R. Wooden Award and after winning the award he won Naismith college player of the year(the following day). Davis was the first player ever in Kentucky team to be a Naismith winner since 42 years. Not too long after winning all these, he was named NABC Defensive player of the year.

Davies is one of the mosted decorated played out there in terms of award, he won the NCAA basketball tournament most outstanding player, he happens to be the 4th freshman to win this award.



The New Orleans Hornets selected Anthony Davis as their first pick in their team, making Davis the 5th Chicago area first selection for the National Championship. Later on the 24 of July, 2012 Davies signed a 3 year contract worth $16 Million with the Hornets.

Davies made his debut for Hornets on the 1st of November, 2012 against San Antonio spurs, even after putting much efforts and scoring well for the Hornets, he still lost.

Prior an injury after a game, Anthony Davis was removed from Hornets lines up. He sustained an injury due to the collision between himself and Brook Lopez. After a week of resting, he came back to the lines up on the 5th of March against Orlando Magic.

Anthony Davis was in the NBA 2013 All rookie first team, and he later finished second in the NBA Rookie of the year voting.

The season was over, Davies donated $65,000 towards his Alma mater, perspectives so they can construct a standard basketball court. Davies scores a career point of 32, he became the youngest player then to have at least 30 points. Anthony Davis was selected to replace Kobe Bryant in the 2014 NBA All-Star game.

Davis made his first 40 points high in a game against Boston Celtics, he made 40 points with 21 rebounds. It was a very tight game as it ended 121-120 in an overtime win. Anthony Davis was the 4th youngest player to make a 40/20 in a single game.

Davis suffered series of injury from the beginning of March till 10th of April. Davies became the first NBA player to ever record a 5 by 5 along side with 25 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 steals and 4 block performance all against Oklahoma City Thunder.
At one stage,  Anthony Davis had the highest Player efficiency ratio (PER) which Happened to be 32.9 in the history of NBA. At the end of the season, after the whole voting was done Anthony Davis finished 4th in the NBA Defensive Player of the year, He took 5th in the NBA most valuable player Award, He was 6th in the NBA most improved player.

He became the first player to be selected at the All NBA first team, and he achived this for the first 3 seasons. In 2015/2016 Anthony Davis extend his contract with the Pelicans and the offer was worth $145 million. Davies joined the league of Shaquille O'Neal and Chris Webber to be one of the players to make 50 points and 20 rebounds in a single game. It wasn't too long until Davis told the media that he had been playing with a left shoulder pain since the rookie season.

Davis edged out Rudy Gobert at the end of the season as the All-NBA Firts team center. When the Pelicans played against Sacramento Kings, Anthony Davis set a record to be the first player in pelicans history to reach 2000 points in a season.

At the end of 2017 season, Anthony Davis had already finished with 7938 points, making him the second player to achieve this ahead of Chris Paul who already made 7936 points.  After his 25th birthday, just 5 days later, Anthony Davis recorded his first ever career triple-double with 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks.

At 25 years, Anthony Davis became the 8th youngest player to reach 10,000 career points. The following year on January 28, Davis announced to the pelicans that he won't be extending his contract in the next season and he would become a free agent if a deal isn't signed. He later requested a trade immediately but was fined $50,000 for making his request public.


The pelicans traded Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers in July, 2019. There was an exchange for the following players ; Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and some other unidentified players. Anthony Davis made his debut against the Los Angeles Clippers on the 22nd of October, 2019. His energy in the game was  superb as he put up with a 25 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assist, unfortunately it ended in a lose on his part.

Davies set another record on the 29th of October being the first Laker player to make 40 points and 20 rebounds since Shaquille O'Neal did it last time in 2003. He achived this in 30 minutes and it was recorded that no other player in the history of NBA has ever done that before.

Davis was selected to be among the front court starter for the NBA All-star game. Anthony Davis helped Los Angeles Lakers win the 2020 NBA Finals along side with LeBron James. That was Davis first ever NBA Championship. 

Anthony Davis entered the lengthy list of NBA record book as he became the first player ever to win an NCAA title, a FIBA world cup gold medal, an Olympic gold medal as well as NBA title.
Davies Re-signed with the Lakers on a 5 year deal which is worth $190 million, an early termination was included in the 5th season if Davis wish not to continue again. Anthony Davis experienced the longest absence of his career which was from February till April, 2021. It happened as a result of a major injury (right calf and heel issue).


We have already stated some things about his personal life in this article, relax and here a few more.

Anthony Davis has a twin sister whose name is Antoinette and an elder sister whose name is Lesha. Lesha plays for basketball at Daley college. Anthony Davis has cousins who also play basketball. Their names are Jarvis, Marshaun and Keith Chamberlain.

Kaith has played basketball professionally for Germany and Latvia.

Anthony Davis and his long time girlfriend Marlene P have take their relationship to the next step, the two love birds got married on the 18th of September, 2021 and they are currently blessed with a daughter.


Anthony Davis is currently one of the richest Athletes in the world right now, he is also one of the richest basketballer in NBA. He is worth $100 million According to Forbes.


Asides playing basketball, so many basketballers have diversified their passion into many things. Anthony Davis Happened to have been involved in a movie production as he played the Voice of the Brow in "Space Jam: A New Legacy"

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