Biography of Big show

             WHO IS BIG SHOW?

Big shows as he is well known as is an amazing fighter and from his name, our expectations should be that the WWE superstar is actually big. He has over 25 years of experience in wrestling and knows every in and out of the game.Kurt zouma
We all knew Big shoe to have a decent shape before outbursting into a chubby fighter. The big show is a long heir apparent to Andre the Giant. We say heir apparent not because they are related by anything but because they are both big, Andre is bigger than Big show actually.

It was rumoured that Big show left the WWE some years back, this might be true as Big show himself has said that he is just on a break for sometime which is common among several wrestlers. Just as many fans and supporter love the Big show theme song,his theme song is called "crank it up".

Big show is pretty much retired from wrestling as he is now moving into television shows. Big show has make a good reputation for himself in wrestling as he has won many big matches inside the Ring.  Many viewers didn't know the reason why Big show wasn't allowed to use the tombstone pile driver.

Here's the reason why some signature moves aren't used by other people in wrestling. In wrestling it's a rule by the organizations that when one has a signature move, other people aren't allowed to use it. Here are the only exemptions to the rule

 1.  If two people are related: According to the character portayed in WWE, Kane and undertaker were always known to be brothers in the story line, So of them were allowed to use the chokeslam.
 2. If the storyline within the company has given you rights to use the move or name.

 3. If you have already reached stardom outside the company with that move.

Big show is an American professional wrestler and also a known actor who is signed to the All Elite Wrestling (AEW), sometime he could be a commentator in the game. He is now into television shows as it was reply that he is retired from wrestling. The big show made his professional debut on December 3rd, 1994.


This happens to be one of the most asked question about big show as many fans and supporters around the world don't even care about his real name. He goes by the name Paul Donald Wight II.


The big show has been given few stage names such as The Big show and The Giant. Sometimes he is called by his real name on stage.

          HOW OLD IS BIG SHOW?

Does it bother you that your favourite wrestler is aging real quick? He is currently 50 years old as he celebrated his birthday few days ago. Big show was born on the 8th of February 1972 in Aiken, south Carolina, U.S.


After Andre the great, Big show could be considered as one of the tallest and biggest wrestlers. Big show is extremely tall and if he was not too fat he could have been mistaken for a basketballer.
 Big shoe is 7 ft 2 in which is 218 cm. He is extremely big and he is said to weigh almost 500 Ib which is 230kg.


Paul Donald Wight also known as the Big show was born on the 8th of February, 1972 in Aiken, south Carolina to be precise. Big show suffered from a disease when he was young. He suffered from acromegaly which is a disease of the endocrine system that causes accelerated growth.Savannah Marshall
As a result of this disorder, he was already 6 ft 2 in at the age of 12 with hairs all over his hair all over his chest, and at the age of 19 he was already 7 ft 1 in. Big show had a surgery in his pituitary gland which helped to stop the accelerated growth. He was a basketballer at Wichita State University.

Sometimes when Big had an event to attend or an outing to go for, he hires a bus driver and a bus because of the problem of his size. He shoe size is 22.
Apart from basketball, Big show also played football. He enjoyed playing football very well until one day when he had a dispute with his coach, he then quit football and became a cheerleader, he called it the greatest experience in his life.

When he moved to southern Illinois University Edwardsville, he also joined their basketball team. In just 1 year at the University he scored 39 points for cougars.


After school big show does other kind of jobs. He met Danny Bonaduce In a live microphone contest in a morning show, After talking and getting to know each other well Bonaduce introduced Big show to Hulk Hogan. There was something special about Big show that Hulk Hogan loved, he then recommended big show to the championship wrestling's vice president 'Eric Bischoff'. Bischoff and Big show struck a deal and that was how he became a wrestler.

On Big show  professional debut he lost to WWA Heavyweight champion Frank Finnegan by a countout.  After that fight, Big show sought out for a personal trainer and he paid Larry Sharpe's gout $5000 where he was taught collar-and-elbow lockup.

Big show was signed into WCW in 1995 where he appeared at slamboree and was taken as Andre the great son. It was then Big show also started using the ring name 'The giant'. Paul Donald Wight made his professional in-ring debut against Hulk Hogan for the WCW world heavyweight championship, Big show won his debut as Hulk Hogan was disqualified. The WCW title was nullified due to some circumstances and the title was vacant, neither Big show nor Hulk Hogan were with the belt.

Big show later won the Heavyweight champion as he won Ric Flair. The moment Big show made his debut for WCW, the WWF knew they made a mistake turning him down due to lack of experience. Big show later joined the new world order nWo. Big show asked Hulk Hogan for a world heavyweight championship title match, as soon as Hulk Hogan heard this he threw the Big show out of the nWo. Ronda Rousey
Big show was later hostile to members of the nWo and they were also trying to dodge him. Big show later signed a 10 year contract for the WWF in 1999. His WWF debut was against Steve Austin, he was all over the match as he gave Steve Austin the beating of his life but eventually he lost. McMahon slapped him for losing the dubut, he was so angry and he gave McMahon a punch on his face.

Big show face the undertaker for the WWF championship which was later ended by the referee making the undertaker win the title.

Big show came into WrestleMania in the early 2000s and he was widely known for impersonating other wrestlers. Big show contested in a triple threat match against The Rock and the current WWF champion as at that time Triple H. At that point WWF were already tired of the title going round to people who have won it before as they wanted something new, so they presented the title to Big show.

Despite the fact that the title was given to Big show at Armageddon, he still lost the title to Triple H again. The rock was so desperate to win the title back and he placed a bet with the organization, He stated that if he wins, the WrestleMania title match will be a Triple threat match and if he eventually lose he will retire from WWF. We can all tell that there was alot of determination from The Rock

The rock defeated Big show. Big show was also suffering from cardiovascular fitness and weight. Big show made his return to Royal rumble but lost to  The Rock and later began competition for the WWF hardcore championship. Big show was later traded to SmackDown in October and a match was fixed against Brock Lesnar. At that time Big show came out with style, black donning jeans, new attire and also a new hairstyle. Big show defeated Brock Lesnar at the survivor series. Big show was the wrestler who ended Brock Lesnar unbeaten streak at that time.

Big show lost the title a month later at Armageddon to Kurt angle. On the 15th of April, 2004 Big show said that if he lose his fight against Eddie Guerrero, he promised to quit fighting. Big show was very sure that he would win that fight but he ended up losing the fight, the funniest thing was that he didn't quit.

Big show tagged along with kane in a tag team in a world Tag team championship against Lance case and Trevor Murdoch. The tag team between Big show and kane was awesome as they won alot of fights together. The following week after the opinion poll was done, Big show was involved in a rivalry between SmackDown and Raw brands.

Big show and kane attacked Batista and inflicted injuries on him, where the both of the delivered a double chokeslam on Batista. Big show had a fight against Rey Mysterio and as it was obvious that Big show wasn't going to win the fight, kane interfered which resulted in a no-contest.

Big show and kane were always seen trying to attack Rey Mysterio or Batista so for that WWE fixed a match between the two parties in a WWE Tag team champion at Armageddon. Big show and kane won the fight at Armageddon. 

Kane and Big show lost their tag team champion to Kenny and Mikey who were known as the spirit squad members.
The following year Big show defeated Rob Can Dam to win the ECW World Heavyweight championship, after winning that he bacame the first professional wrestler to win the WWE championship, ECW World Heavyweight championship and WCW world heavyweight championship. Also adding to the list that he is the first Non- ECW original to hold that title.

There was a time that he didn't want to be called Big show again, he felt it was a slave name. He said his stage name should be Paul "The Giant" Wight. In a No Way Out match where Big show tried to attack Rey Mysterio, he was confronted by  Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather challenged Big show.

The confrontation ended all ended in Floyd's favour as he blew Big show nose and defeated him at WrestleMania XXIV. At a point, it was rumoured that Big show was having a secret relation with vickie Guerrero. Big show was later introduced as Chris Jericho new Tag team partner as Edge who was yet to recover from his injury. 

During the money in the bank, Big show was defeated by Mark Henry and he fractured his tibula, making him out for any action for 3 months.

Big show later fought Mark Henry to a no contest match at Vengeance and it was reported that the stage collapse. The two wrestlers fought again, this time less damage was done to the stage but Big show was carried away by the flatbed.

So far The Big show has the shortest reign as a world heavyweight champion, after he fought Mark Henry and he won the title, Henry then knocked Big show out with a DDT on a chair making Daniel Bryan to cash out the Money in the bank title. Bid show won the intercontinental champion after he defeated Rhodes at WrestleMania XXVIII. After 4 weeks of the reign, Big show lost the title back to Rhodes at extreme rules.

The Money in the bank fight was scheduled for John Cena, Big show, kane, Chris Jericho and The Miz. Big show was unfortunate again as he didn't win as the match was won by John Cena. Big show left the WWE and made a return in 2016, on August 12. Big show helped Mark Henry and Rob van Dam in defeating the shields in a 6-man tag team match.

On the 27th of November, Big show was injured in a fight against Cesaro where he stayed off action for almost 2 months due to an hamstring injury. Big show made an appearance at the undertaker's retirement ceremony, it was a moment worth watching every time.  Carlos tevez
Reports has it that Paul Donald Wight known as The Big show parted separate ways with WWE as the two parties weren't able to reach an agreement concerning his new contract. In 2021 Big show signed with his real name into the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and he will pair along side Tony schiavone to provide commentaries for different fights.

 It's no longer news that aside wrestling big show is also an actor and has been seen in many movies like;
Reggie's prayer, Jingle All the way, McCinsey's island, The water boy, Little Hercules in 3-D, Vendetta, Knucklehead, MacGruber, Countdown, Fighting with my family.

                  PERSONAL LIFE

The Big show was once married in 1997 to  Melissa Ann Plavis. Their union was bless with a daughter but along the line they ended up separating in 2000.
Big show decided to get married again and this time, it was his second marriage. Big show got married to Bess Katramados in 2002 and right now they are blessed with two children.

                    LEGAL ISSUES

In 1998, Big show was arrested by the Memphis police Department for allegedly exposing himself to a female motel employee. There was no proof or evidence for the action, so all charges were dropped against him with immediate effect.

In March 1999, Big show was charged with another assault for allegedly breaking a man's jaw in the cause of altercation at Marriott Hotels and Resorts in Uniondale, Newyork. When Big show was almost charged to court again, he said that sawyer had verbally abused and threatened him and he also shove him, that was why he punched him. He was also not found guilty for his action.


Big show has alot of moves depending on which one is decided to use, he is popularly known for his chokeslam. Here are the list of Signature moves Big show uses in the ring;

  -  The showstopper/chokeslam
  -  Weapon of mass Destruction
  -  Cobra clutch backbreaker
  -  Colossal clutch
  -  Right-Handed KO Punch.
  -  Abdominal stretch
  -  Bearhug
  -  Bigboot
  -  Sidewalk slam.


Here are the list of mangers who has managed Big show.

  - Ric Flair
  -  The Taskmaster
  -  Jimmy Hart
  -  Paul Bearer
  -  Shane McMahon
  -  Vince McMahon
  -  Paul Heyman
  -  Vickie Guerrero

                  BIG SHOW ABS

Big show has transformed his big stomach into a nice abs, he is regarded as the world largest Athlete. He is a giant who is 7 feet tall, while big show was constantly visiting the gym he said he lost about 70 pounds over six to seven months. He has also given credit to his personal trainer Dodd Romero at that time.Kylian Mbappe
While trying to lose weight and gain and, he said goodbye to a lot of his favourite things like pizza and meatball subs. Big show stated that "There's not more powerful in the world than the human spirit and the human will".


Big show is doing well for himself despite what he earns in the ring and out of the ring. Big show networth is $16 million at this time of writing.

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