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In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Christian Eriksen, his salary, Networth,Wife, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Denmark Midfielder, Let's Begin.

Christian Eriksen who happens to be a Denmark professional footballer is among those who has won the heart of many fans and supporters out there. Aside winning the heart of many, he is also one of the richest Athlete in football and is very contented with what he has.

Christian Eriksen has been reported to be worth over  £58,604,000 and from our various research, it doesn't look like Christian Eriksen has been involved in any endorsement deal. So his wealth comes from inside the football pitch. He earns £228,000 per week and £11,856,000 annually.

MARKET VALUE: We all watched Eriksen when he rose to stardom after signing for Tottenham Hotspur, at that time his market value was €100.00m, this was his Highest market value. Due to the incident that happened to him on the pitch which we will let you know as you progress in the article, his market value has dropped. Eriksen new market value is now €15.00m.


Christian Eriksen is a Danish professional footballer who is super talented and because of this was given the nickname The talent . He is known for using both legs on the pitch.

It's amazing that so many coaches that has worked with Eriksen has acknowledge the fact that he is also a rotational player as he can play as a central midfielder and an attacking midfielder also.

Christian Eriksen has joined the team of players who are classified as underrated, the truth is yes he is underrated as he knows how to fit into any technical setup or pattern and he plays in a pattern just like Pep. One thing so many people love about the Danish Midfielder is that his skill is different from other players, he has a nice control that's if it's not up to 100% (just joking) and he has tactical awearness.

It can be said that when he was at spurs, he was the major dictator for them, as he knows when to attack, slow things down and when to play at the center. One thing that Eriksen does that catches our attention is that he a good free kick and set piece taker. Eriksen has been compared alot of times with prime Inesta but that discussion will be for another day.

Eriksen finds a chance to create unbelievable passes anywhere and anytime. He has great vision. Eriksen is one of those amazing players out there who do speak much but do alot on the pitch perfectly and consistently.


His full name is Christian Dannemann Eriksen.


At this point of writing this article, Christian Eriksen is currently 29 years old. He was born on the 14th of February, 1992 in Middelfart, Denmark.


Christian is an average height player, but his height isn't a limitation when he is on the pitch. From various research, he is reported to be 5 ft 10 in which is 1.78m.

Even without saying it, we all can see that Eriksen isn't overweight, his has an average weight and can perform well with it on the football pitch. He weighs 76kg.


Eriksen is a versatile player, he can be called a rotational player also. He played as a central midfielder when he was at inter Milan and he played well in that position. Eriksen's main position position is as an attacking midfielder.


Christian Eriksen was born on the 14th of February, 1992 which happened to be on a valentine's day for this reason he has been considered as a special child.
Eriksen started playing football in his home town where he was born when he was just 2 years old. 

Mr Thomas Eriksen and Mrs Dorthe Eriksen are Christian Eriksen parent. His parents have been a big support to his football career. Christian was born with a silver spoon, his family were middle-class. 
His parents spent alot of time reading about their son in the newspaper about his adventure to Europe.

Eriksen's father Me Dorthe hated Chelsea FC because of the hate speech they poured out towards his son, Chelsea said that Christian Eriksen was a weak player, wasn't that great and unproductive. Even after Chelsea said all these, they still came to Eriksen to sign a deal but his father refused on him going.

Christian Eriksen has a younger sister named Louise, he is older that Louise with 5 years. It was known that Christian Eriksen's love for football influenced his sister into playing the sport. It wasn't too long when she got called by Denmark Woman National Team.

She plays as an attacking midfielder just like her brother, displaying similar skills also, but she tends to play better as a Defensive midfielder. 

Christian Eriksen started playing there as child, his father was his coach then. Eriksen father's coaching pattern helped them finish unbeaten at that time and he achived this 3 times in the period of 4 years.
In 2005, Christian Eriksen joined odense Boldklub (OB), it was at OB that Eriksen discovered his talent more, he began to show his technical ability as well as scoring free kick and dribbling.

Eriksen performance as a youth in OB attracted top European teams like Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and AC Milan after thinking about the offers he decided to join Ajax. His thought was that his first step into any European club shouldn't be big.


Christian Eriksen signed a two and a half year contract with Ajax on the 17th of October, 2008. OB received a transfer fee of € 1 million while Middelfart received a transfer fee of €35,000 which they later used to improve their pitch.

Ajax youth team saw a promising career in Eriksen and he was immediately promoted to Ajax first team in 2010. Eriksen made his debut against NAC Breda where his team left with a draw.
On the 25th of March, Eriksen scored his first goal for Ajax  as a senior Player against Go Ahead Eagles in a Dutch cup where it ended in a 6-0 win. His goal contributed to the success of the team. Eriksen played his second match against Feyenoord which happened to be the finals of the 2009-2010 Dutch finals.  Ajax were victorious over Feyenoord and at the end of the season Eriksen scored just a single goal.

Eriksen score his first European goal in his home stadium at Ajax (Amsterdam Arena) against Anderlecht in the UEFA Europa league. It ended in the favour of Ajax after they were victorious in a 3-0 win. His performance was wonderful that year and he was awarded as the Danish Talent of the year. He was a major playmaker for Ajax

Eriksen hasn't just been a regular starter but he also helped Ajax win their first Eredivisie title in 7 years and because of this, at the end of the season he was named Ajax's Talent of the year. He also won the Dutch football Talent of the year and he is the 2nd player to win this after  Jon Dahl Tomasson.

Eriksen would have been looking forward to this moment as he scored his first UEFA champions league goal against Dinamo Zagreb after leading Ajax to a 2-0 in the Group stage. Christian Eriksen continued to impress Ajax as he scored important goals and assist and also giving Ajax their second League title consecutively.

Christian Eriksen contract had almost expired and he didn't want to renew his contract with Ajax, he  was given the permission to go and search for a new club of his choice. He later agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur in England.

He Departed from Ajax after making 162 appearances and scoring 32 goals.


Eriksen was announced as an official player of Tottenham Hotspur on the 30th of August,2013. His transfer fee was said to be £11 million. Eriksen made his debut against Norwich city on the 14th of September, he provided an assist for his teammate Gylfi sigurdsson and contributed to the team 2-0 win.
He scored his first goal for Tottenham Hotspur in the Europa league against Tromsø IL. His goal contributed to Spurs 3-0 win. Eriksen also scored his first free kick against West Bromwich Albion but it ended in a 1-1 draw. He earned praises from his coach.

On the 23rd of March, Tottenham were 2-0 down to Southampton, Eriksen scored two important goals and also assisted sigurdsson giving Tottenham Hotspur a great victory. He was awarded with the Man of the match. He was in form that season as he continued with his goal scoring form. He ended up winning Tottenham's Best player of the season.

At the end of 2014/2015 season, Eriksen had scored 12 goals from open matches more than any other England Player.
  In 2015,  there were rumours that Eriksen wanted to join Manchester United. Eriksen, he later confirmed to Danish media and cleared the air that were all speculations and it was true. He feels at home in Tottenham.

Eriksen was named Danish Footballer of the year as he won this award for 3 consecutive years. Eriksen was happy about his playing time at Tottenham and he signed a new deal in 2016. Eriksen won the Tottenham Player of the season for the second time.

Christian Eriksen set a record as the Danish player to score the most goal in premier league. On the 1st of April, Eriksen scored a 25 yard goal against Chelsea, his goal contributed to Tottenham's win as they won 3-1. That was the first time Tottenham won Chelsea at Stamford bridge since 28 years. 

Eriksen won the PFA Team of the year Award for the first time on the 14th of  April with his teammates (kane and Jan vertonghen). He lost the 2019 UEFA Champions league final to Liverpool


After Christian Eriksen's contract had expired, he didn't want to renew and decided to leave Tottenham, he was in good terms with the club. He signed a four and half deal with Serie A side (Inter Milan).  He made his debut against Fiorentina during the coppa Italia quarterfinals.

Eriksen scored his first goal for Inter Milan during the Europa league against Ludogorets Razgrad on the 20th of February. He scored his first Seria A goal against Brescia, his goal contributed to Inter Milan 6-0 win. Eriksen was having issues speaking Italy at that time.

When the season ended, there were speculations that Eriksen was linked with Big European clubs. Inter Milan head coach Antonio Conte has said that Eriksen will still remain at the club. On the 1st of May, Eriksen scored an important goal against Crotone. His goal contributed to the team's success and it brought Inter Milan closer to the League title, the following day they were crowned Champions of Italy.


Eriksen was part of the players selected to represent Denmark for EURO 2020. On the  12th of June, while Denmark was playing against Finland, Christian Eriksen collapsed at the left corner of his opponent field in the 42nd minutes of the first half.

While he collapsed, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed on him before he was taken directly to the hospital. He was taken out of the field with a stretcher and the match was later suspended. UEFA and Danish Football  Association confirmed after an hour that Eriksen is now stabilize and awake
The match still continued later that evening even though Denmark players weren't happy with the decision. Finland were victorious over Denmark in a 1-0 win. Denmark's coach, team doctor, and Denmark player (Martin BraithWaite) expresses regret over the continuation of the match. 

It was a sad decision because UEFA had already threatened to end the match in a 3-0 defeat against Denmark if they refuse to continue.

Three days after the incident happened, Christian Eriksen posted on his social media stating that he was fine. It was later announced that that he will be assisted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. 
Eriksen's Operation was a success, after he was discharged he visited his teammates in Helsingør before returning to his home.


It's not a new thing in football that a player will have heart problem or a cardiac arrest in football. Many have even died from it along the line.
Eriksen has undergone a successful surgery and he is fit to play now. So Eriksen is still playing football.


Yes the Danish Midfielder is still alive.


Yes, he had to wait after the incident happened because Seria A didn't support the use of cardioverter defibrillator. Right now he played for English side Brentford. Although he hasn't made any appearance yet.


From our deep research, it's known to us that Eriksen has only one girlfriend and her name is Sabrina Kvist Jensen. They both live together and have been blessed with a son and two daughters despite not married.
Eriksen has admitted that he once had difficulties in spending quality time with his girlfriend because of the nature of his work. Even after his complaint, he still squeezes time to hang out with her.

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