Kamila Valieva Networth, Age, Height, Skating club, Ethnicity, Personal Life, Bio and More

Kamila valieva Networth, Age, Height, Skating club, Ethnicity, Personal life, Bio and More.
In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about kamila valieva, his salary, Networth,Wife, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Russian professional Skater.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Kimila Valieva. From our research carry out about , we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about her.

Even at a very young age, kamila valieva has gone far to represent Russia which happens to be her mother's Land. Many have said that she's over working herself and she is suppose to be living her teenager life well instead of training alot, well we don't see anything bad in her observing some training session. She is better known for her birth name " Kamila Valeryevna Valieva.

She is actually one of those kids out there who have sacrificed her childhood just for being an Olympian. She happens to be the best kid skater in the world, if not one of the best skater in the world. Kamila valieva is one Athlete that her country counts on so much. Funny enough as young as you think she might be, she has held more Championship even that the so called elderly ones in the profession.


Kamila valieva is the current world holder for the women's short progray free skating. Valieva is the 2nd woman to land at the quadruple toe loop just after her training partner Alexandra Trusova.

It's almost unbelievable that all the European Champions she has won were all Gold. This isn't assumption, it's a stated fact. She is also the 4th woman to land a quadruple jump of any kind.

Reports has it that she started practising skating at a very young age, Not only is she a skater she is also a good dancer and a professional at that. She happens to be the first female skater to break the 250-, 260-, and 270- point thresholds in total score, she is also the first to break the 90 point threshold in the short program.


The Russian professional was born on the 26th of April, 2006 in Kazan, Russia. She is currently 15 years old. She is also one of the youngest female skater in the world.


It is so clear that she is still a young teenager who is definitely still growing, she has a small body size as she is 5 ft 3 in which is 1.60m. she is light weight and from our research, she weighs 47kg which is approximately 104Ib.


Kamila valieva started skating at a young age, just when she was 3 years old in 2009. Here are the names of her former coach who help her into what she is today; ksenia ivanova then, Marina Kudriavtseva then, Igor Lyutikov and finally Natalia Dubinskaya.
At the age of 6, Kamila valieva was coached at SSHOR Moskvich in Moscow.
She also practiced Gymnastics and ballet. She has said that her inspiration is mainly from famous skater, Nathan Chen.

In 2018/2019 when kamila valieva made her International debut, recording Kamila short program set to spiegel im spiegel and also inspired by the painting made by Pablo Picasso. The art was the painting of a girl on a ball which received alot of attention from the world.

The program drew the attention of many notable people, it drew the attention of Picasso's granddaughter called Diana widmaier Picasso. Diana later invited Kamila valieva over to Paris.

In the junior Grand Prix competition which held in courchevel France, Kamila made her International debut in August 2019. She was the first skater in the competition and her performance was too notch earning her the Gold medal slight ahead of Wi Seo-yeong of South Korea who happens to be her teammate as well as her training partner.

Valieva earned herself a nice record as she became the 2nd female skater ever in the history of skating to land a quadruple toe loop in a competition.

Valieva became the 4th woman ( a junior lady) to score above 200 points under Grade of Execution system (G.O.E). At the 2020 JGP Competition which held in Russia, she tooke the title away from Ksenia sinitsyna and viktoria vasilieva .

Kamila valieva is from a Christian home and she follows the Christian religion well. She had alot of passion for the sport and this is one reason why she is doing well compared to other competitors and she has also earned a big fame in skating.

Before Kamila valieva got into the junior Grand Prix final in December during the 2019/2020 season she had an injury which prevented her from training. valieva then made it into the finals as her favourite opponent to contest against the title with was Alysa Liu of the United States of America. Even with the injury, kamila valieva still claimed the title ahead of Alysa Liu.

Tha main reason why Alysa Liu didn't win was because she drop from first place in the competition after under-rotating a triple Axel. Kamila Valieva was suppose to participate in the 2020 Russia Championship, but she was too young to participate. She was only 13 years old then, she had to participate in the 2020 Junior Championship which she later won ahead of Akatieva and Usacheva. Many people said she was too good to have played in the junior competition.

Just immediately after the competition, she was named to the Russian team for the 2020 world Junior Championship. She won the Russian Junior Championship even after she admitted that she made little mistakes, but she is still pleased with her performance.

Aside being an athlete and a gymnast, Kimila Valieva also wants to be a psychologist and she is still pursuing that dream.

Kamila valieva made her senior Russian Championship debut and she was placed second in the short program even after she fell on her triple Axel. She also placed second in the free skate with two clean quads landed, despite the interruption she still won the silver medal.
Valieva made her International debut at 2021 CS Finlandia Trophy. Kamila was placed 3rd after she attempted the triple Axel and failed. She also set a new record in the process with a total point of 249.24. 

At the 2021 skate Canada International, Valieva made her senior Grand prix debut, she won setting her new Personal best record of 84.19 just 2.95 points ahead of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva who took second place. At a point kamila valieva raised the highest world record both in men and women as she went on 272.71 points. She later qualified for the Grand Prix final, but she didn't travel to play because it was cancelled due to omicron varient as the spread of covid-19 was rampant.

kamila valieva was placed first in the 2022 Russian Championship on the 24th of December. After that she made her European Championship in January 2022 in Tallin, Estonia where she still finished first in the short program. Valieva fell when she attempted the triple Axel, it happened to be the second time she tried it that season. She later skates the rest of the season in a narrow win to beat shcherbakova and Trusova.

Kamila valieva began the winter olympic as she finished first just as her fans and supporters expected her to finish. She finished with a triple Axel. Due to her spectacular performance since she started, she was called the "child prodigy".


We haven't heard or seen her speaking in English when she is interviewed.


While performing, some part of her body were exposed and a butterfly like tattoo was seen on her. We are still trying to find out if it's temporary or permanent.


The professional Skater only has one sibling and her name is Alisa Pesbalova.


Valieva was about to get vaccinated some months back but According to Russian figure skating federation, they could stand the sight of seeing her stay away for 3 weeks. Therefore she avoided the 3 weeks quarantine session before she competed at the Beijing 2022 winter olympics.


she Currently skates for Sambo 70

Here is a list of  her former and present coach;

FORMER: Xeniya Ivanova, Igor Liutikov, Natalia Dubinskaia, Stanislav Kovalyov, Marina Kudriavtseva.

CURRENT: Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov, Daniil Gleikhengauz, Georgy pokhilyuk.


Valieva really performed beyond observers and the management expectations, on the 24th of December,2021 she was then asked to submit her urine for sample analysis just after her win in Russian Nationals. The results was expected to be out after 20 days of the analysis.

Due to covid-19 saga, the doping test result was postponed till February 2022. On the 9th of February the result of the test was out and it turned out that kamila valieva was positive to trimetazidine. This drug is also known as TMZ and it is a medication used to treat heart related conditions like angina.

The sample was carried out at the doping control laboratory at karolinska University Hospitalspital, which happens to be a World Anti-Doping Agency (W.A.D.A). Upon the result released, Valieva was suspended. The issue was adjourned in the law court and the suspension was reversed, she is now allowed to compete in the women's single event.

CAS has gone out to say that suspending the little girl will only cause more harm than good. Valieva was also tested for two other drugs on the 15th of February which include; hypoxen and L-carnitine. Kamila valieva has gone to defend herself saying she only take the drugs to treat her heart condition. Even her mother has testified to it.

Concerning the ISU World championships which will be held in France, ROC are still contemplating on the 3 women that will be sent to France, even though Kamila valieva is still eligible to compete, unless there is a negative outcome.


Kamila valieva was born on the 26th of April, 2006. She loves animals alot but she Kamila chose to have a dog as a pet, it was gifted to her by a die hard fan. Just as everyone has one person they admire and look up to, Kamila admires Nathan Chen alot, she loves her technique and ability.
Apart from skating, Kamila valieva is a gymnast and she enrolled into ballet, she hopes that one day she will be a psychologist, maybe after she retires from skating. Kamila loves using white Edea skating boots with silver blades for most competitions.


She is currently one of the richest youngest skaters right now, her exact networth isn't known. We can only say that her networth is approximately $1-5 million.

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