Mike Perry Networth, Age Height, career, personal life and Bio

Mike Perry Networth, Age Height, career, personal life and Bio

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Mike Perry , his salary, Networth,Wife, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the American professional mixed martial artist and former professional Boxer.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Mike Perry. From our research carried  out about him, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Mike perry is one bad ass fighter I know that has good physique and a nice tattoo also, with one on his face titled PLATINUM. Mike perry happens to be one of the skillful entertainer in MMA. He could be eye catching for the ladies and extremely funny if u really get to know him well.

Enough of the brief introduction, keep reading and enjoy.  Let's Begin.

            WHO IS MIKE PERRY

Mike perry is an American professional mixed martial artist and also a former professional Boxer who was competing in  welterweight Division of the ultimate Fighting Championship. Mike Perry is really tough and a no nonsense type of fighter. His aggressiveness and style of fight give him the edge to give his opponent a promising damage and also take some damage to himself. 

Many has said he is made of concrete ( how is that possible?). He is tough and a little bit bit crazy in the ring. The truth is that Perry is very exciting to watch.  Mike Perry has risen to be more than a promising fighter. He isn't the type of fighter who pulls out easily as he is the competitive type of fighter.


Mike Perry was born on the 15th of September, 1991 in Flint, Michigan in the United States of America. He is currently 30 years old as of this time of writing the article.


Mike Perry is seen as one average height fighter, According to our research made Perry is only 5 ft 10 in which is 178cm. He is also of average weight as he weighs 77kg which is approximately 170Ib.


Just as everyone started so early, Mike Perry started fighting at the age of 11, at that time he already started his training in boxing or as an up coming boxer. As he continued to train, he got a job in UFC gym in winter springs, Florida. He was employed there as a trainer upon his release from prison.

Mike Perry was born on the 15th of September 1991 in Flint, Michigan. He said that he changes his school so many times between Florida and Michigan. Mike Perry was a victim of child bully as the incident led him to drugs, house arrest, probation violation and jail. Yes he went to jail when he was young.

He was training other and thought of it, that he could be a fighter also, Mike perry then pursued a career in MMA as a professional. Mike Perry made his amateur debut in 2012 where he fought against Avonte Moore in Rise of a Warrior 5. Just as we all know that his style of fight is extremely rough, he won the fight through submission. He also set an amateur record of 8-3.

In the space of two years, Mike had already fought 9 times which seemed impossible for most professional out there, the interesting part is that he won all the opponent he faced through knockout/Total knockout.

On the 20th of August, 2016 Mike Perry made his debut against Lim Hyun-gyu. Perry pretended to shake Lim, but pulled him towards himself and started fighting him. It all ended in Mike Perry's favour as he won via a TKO. The fight was tough that the referee had to step in and separate the fight.

Weeks before the fight, Perry's corner man Alex Nicholson had already insulted Lim Hyun-gyu because he is Asian. He was racist towards Lim as he said he couldn't even open his eyes well. 
Alex Nicholson later addressed the issue on ground.

On the 8th of October 2016, it happened to be one of Mike Perry's fight as he ate a bar of chocolate (just a bite though) and he told his opponent Danny Roberts that he was going to eat him alive, Robert didn't understand until they both got into the ring. Perry defeated Robert in a knockout just in the 3rd round.

Mike Perry lost his first fight on the 17th of December,2016 to a tough opponent named Alan Jouban. It was Mike decision to lose the fight that day.
On April 22, 2017 Mike Perry fought against Jake Ellenberger and he won the fight earning himself $50,000 the night after the fight. On the 16th of December, 2017 Mike Perry recorded his second unanimous decision defeat and this time it was against Santiago Ponzinibbio

On the 24th of February, Mike perry lost the fight through an unanimous decision against Max Griffin. In the next 5 months Perry was expected to fight Yancy Medeiros but Yancy was injured and couldn't fight, so the fight was rescheduled and Paul Felder was made to face Perry. Perry defeated Paul through a slight decision.

On the 10th of November, 2018 Mike Perry faced Donald cerrone but lost to him through submission in an armbar.
Immediately after his fight with Donald cerrone, Mike perry signed a 4 fight contract with UFC.

On the 27th of April, 2019 Mike Perry fought against Alex Oliveira, he won through an unanimous decision. Perry had a severe injury he needed to undergo series of surgery and he was expected to be sideline through out the rest of 2019.

He sustained the injury when he fought Vicente Luquqme and he lost through split decision .

After Mike Perry UFC contract, he signed a new contract deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). Perry made his debut on the 19th of February, 2022 where he fought and knocked down Lane in an unanimous decision.


Mike Perry and Danielle Nickerson dated for 5 years before they made aggrement to get married. Danielle Nickerson is a professional Tennis Player. They got married in 2019, but due to misunderstanding they separated in 2020.

In June 2020, when Perry fought Mickey Gall, he found his new girlfriend named Latory Gonzalez that same night. They both have a son together even though they aren't married yet. Their son's name is OCEAN.


STREET FIGHT IN ORLANDO: Perry was involved in a warm dispute with a stranger on New year's Eve in 2016. The stranger approached Perry's girlfriend, Perry kindly told him to leave but instead he punched Perry on the face. Perry had to defend himself and he left the stranger unconscious.

HOMOPHOBIC AND RACIST INSULT: Perry was known for using racist word on people and he has been criticized. People find it offensive when he use the word "nigga" on them. Although he has publicly apologized for using racist slurs and he promised not to use them again.
A RESTAURANT FIGHT IN TEXAS: There were reports that some strangers had physical contact with Perry, the three of them were allegedly assaulted. Some people said part of the scene was filmed but an old man was left unconscious upon the arrival of the police, he was later hospitalized. Perry was later charged with class A assault by the police. Perry was also involved in a wordy contest with a woman in a restaurant.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALLEGATION: Just on the industrial website "MMA Junkie" Perry's ex-wife Danielle Nickerson has been said to be interviewed. She said there are alot of  physical abuse and verbal abuse from Mike Perry.

She said one night, Perry was in a heated argument with a woman at a bar and when he got home, he poured all his frustration on his wife and started hitting her turninh her to a punching bag causing serious bruise. Perry denied all allegation laid against him and he was not filed for anything.


Yes Mike Perry was released, as he had stated earlier that he will be joining BKFC to give the right prize to a prizefighter.


Alot of internet users have been asking this question. Mike isn't a Mexican either is he a Nigerian. Research only has it that Mike perry has 2% African ancestry in his DNA. Perry is fully American.


Just as many of the supporters and fans  still wished that Mike Perry was still with UFC but unfortunately he is not, he is currently with BKFC since 2021.


Yes Mike Perry is fully White.


If I didn't make an in-depth research about this, I might have concluded that they are related or even siblings. Mike Perry and Katy Perry aren't related in any way. They only share the same name. Katy perry only has one brother and his name is "David Hudson".


These two had one of the best relationship in boxing, but right now it seems the relationship is soured. They were both good friends who enjoys sending each other text. Darren didn't really know what went wrong and he thought he was the one who had made the bad move.

Their fight started when Darren did a spoof website only to troll he best friend Mike Perry. Darren also passed alot of trolling comment about Mike Perry's Ex-girlfriend, it seems Mike perry didn't bget the joke and took offense immediately. With what we have see so far, we don't thing these two will get back together anytime soon.


Mike Perry is currently ranked as 29th best fighters in the world at this point of writing.

Mike Perry is currently worth $1 million right now, and he is doing well for himself.

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