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           WHO IS KURT ZOUMA?

When a debates comes up and list of world class centre defenders are listed, Kurt zouma's name will surely pop up. Kurt zouma is still young and he has the energy in him. Zouma has always shown signs of improvement Everytime he steps into the pitch, his presence is always felt.Savannah Marshall
Kurt zouma is one of the best player West Ham signed, as zouma's work to to man mark every opposing striker that comes his way. It's no longer news that Kurt zouma is a beast in terms of defending, he is strong, quick, a very tall defender whose defensive ability is top notch.

His sense of play is quite different from alot of defenders in the premier league as he is very mature and understand the game well. He knows every step and action to take at every moment when he sees his opponent coming. Kurt zouma is one defender who knows how to use his height to convert a flying ball into a header.

Kurt zouma posseses the abilities that every defender should portray, it's very difficult to find a replacement for Hime when is his still available in the team. It's crystal clear that Kurt zouma learnt alot from his predecessor John Terry. Zouma is now in the league of defenders who are actually doing well for themselves.

Kurt zouma has been listed among the most promising players in premier league right now. After the departure of John Terry, Chelsea were in search of a perfect replacement and they found one.
Kurt zouma is a French professional footballer who currently plays for West Ham as a centre-back and French National team. An interesting fact is that when Kurt zouma was still growing as a child, he had no interest in football. He just wanted to play basketball.Ronda Rousey

Kurt zouma is still a very young player and he has enough time to spend on the pitch. Kurt zouma is only 27 years old as he was born on the 27th of October in Lyon, France in 1994.


To be honest Kurt zouma is really tall, he could be mistaken for a basketballer. His height has been a major advantage for him on the pitch. He uses his height to convert flying ball or crosses into header.
Reports has it that Kurt zouma is 6 ft 3 in which is 190m. 

Kurt zouma is a well fitted player, he has an average weight, he is not under weight or over weight. Reports has it that zouma weighs 95kg. 


Kurt zouma is well known for playing as a  center back, when Jose morinho was Chelsea's coach, he sometimes uses zouma as a defensive midfielder. 


Little or no details were given about Kurt zouma's early life, but from our intense research we were able to gather some information.Carlos tevez
Kurt zouma was born on the 27th of October, 1994 in Lyon, France. His father Guy zouma and his mother (name is unknown). Zouma's root was later traced to be from Africa, central African republic to be specific. His father is an immigrant of France, he went there in search of Greener pastures.

Guy zouma was a major support to his son, he always drive him to training Everytime.  Kurt zouma's mother was a cleaner and she was also a major support to her son. Her face couldn't contain her joy after she heard that he already signed for Chelsea.

Kurt zouma's professional career started when he began playing for saint-Étienne in 2011.  Many fans and supporters do not know that when Kurt zouma started playing professionally, he played with a name and number just to get away from publicity or public attention. His professional debut in a coupe de la Ligue match against Bordeaux where saint-Étienne won the game in a 3-1 lead.

Kurt zouma made his ligue 1 debut professional against Lorient where his team lost in a 3-0 defeat. Kurt zouma scored his first professional goal on the 19th of November, 2011 when he played against OG Nice giving his team a 2-0 lead. He was a major contribution to the club.kylian Mbappe
On the 7th of November, zouma was penalized for a foul play. He was offered a ten game ban following a rough challenge which left sochaux player, Thomas Guerbert with a broken leg and a dislocated ankle.

As it was already known that the departure of John Terry was near, Chelsea were in search of a perfect replacement and they were interested in Kurt zouma at that time. Chelsea FC made a transfer offer to sign Kurt zouma on a five year permanent transfer.
     He made his first appearance for Chelsea when they played against Bolton Wanderers. His champions league debit was on the 21st of October in 2014, his performance on his first champions league game was superb. He contributed to the team's success where they won 6-0 against Maribor. 

Kurt zouma's first premier league debut with Chelsea was against Manchester United and it ended in a draw 1-1. On the 4th of January, 2015 Kurt zouma scored his 3rd Goal for Chelsea in the FA Cup against Watford. Just a week later, he paired with John Terry as he took the place of Cahill. They both played against Newcastle united and they took the lead in a 2-0 win.

After Kurt zouma first paired with John Terry in the defense, it was observed that Chelsea's defense was now tighter. Kurt zouma then became a regular starter as Chelsea defense improved well.

Zouma was interested in trying something new as he decided to join premier league side stoke city on a loan. His debut for Stoke city was poor as stoke city lost to Everton. On the  20th of November, 2017 Kurt zouma scored a nice header for Stoke city but then still ended up in a 2-2 draw against Brighton & Hove Albion. Zouma wasn't fortunate in stoke city as they went on a relegation to English football league EFL championship.

Kurt zouma couldn't stand the sight of playing in a lower division, he was then interested in moving and at that time Everton were also interested in zouma. He was signed into Everton on the 10th of August 2018. He made his professional debut for Everton  against AFC Bournemouth where it ended in a 2-2 draw.

The following year he scored his first goal against Bournemouth, and this time it was a header. At the end of the season when his contract was over, he decided to go back to Chelsea. His first return debut for Chelsea was very bad as his team lost to Manchester United in a 4-0 defeat. 

On New year's day, Kurt zouma marked his 100th appearance for Chelsea as his team played a draw against Brighton & Hove Albion. 
As at the beginning of 2020 season, Kurt zouma was already rated as the top 20 players in Europe. Zouma made his last appearance in Chelsea during the 2021 UEFA super cup against Villarreal. It ended in a 1-1 draw which led to a penalty shoot out. The penalty shoot out was in favour of Chelsea as they won the super cup completion.

Kurt zouma left Chelsea for west Ham on a transfer fee of  £29.8 million where he signed a 4 years permanent contract. He made his debut in the Europa league against Dinamo Zagreb where West Ham won 2-0. 
His first goal for west Ham was against Liverpool, on the 7th of November 2021 west Ham won Liverpool 3-2. Kurt zouma was a major contribution to the team as he played an important role.


We haven't heard of any news concerning Kurt zouma Ex girlfriend. He is legally marriy to his wife Sandra and they have been married since 2012. They are blessed with a son and a daughter.Mason greenwood

Just to also add to it, Kurt zouma is a competitive player, he is really hardworking as he has achieved alot since he started his career as a footballer. Zouma is more of a private person as he enjoys his own company.

He enjoys watching anime, playing videogames, keeping up with basketball games, travelling and spending quality time with his family. At the time of writing this article, Kurt zouma has no tattoo and hasn't been spotted drinking or smoking.Tom Brady
He is a dedicated Muslim, zouma got his first name 'kurt' after a van Damme's character in 1989 movie titled kickboxer.


Kurt zouma isn't one of those footballers who has been caught spending anyhow. He has invested some of his money into assets as he owns a mansion in Lyon as well as some exotic cars like Porsche.

Zouma's is currently worth £26.7 million

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