Ki-Jana Hoever Networth, Age, Height, Wife, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Bio.

Ki-Jana Hoever Networth, Age, Height, Wife, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Bio.

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of  the Dutch professional Footballer Ki-Jana Hoever. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Ki-Jana Hoever, his salary, Networth,Wife, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Dutch professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Ki-Jana. From our research carried out Ki-Jana, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

This article covers all his life event. We all know how blessed Netherland is when it comes to Football players who are just good at what they do. We have the likes of De Jong, Depay, Van Dijk, even legendary van Persie. Ki-Jana didn't fail in joining the league of good player even though he is yet to be known globally.

Ki-Jana Hoever has got alot of Ladies crushing on him because of how cute he is. Our team carried out a survey about the professional Football player from fans and supporter and it came to our notice that not every fan and supporter of Ki-Jana Hoever knows well about him.

We will like to skip the introduction for now, Let's Begin.


Ki-Jana Hoever is a professional Football player as well as a Defender who plays for   Wolverhampton Wanderers Currently. He has been involved in many big teams like AZ, Ajax and Liverpool.
From his name, he has been given to nickname "Ki-Jana". His full name is Ki-Jana Delano Hoever.


Ki-Jana is currently one of the youngest player at Wolverhampton Wanderers right now. He was born on the 18th of January, 2002 in Amsterdam, Netherland.

At this point of writing this article, Ki-Jana Hoever is 20 years old.


Ki-Jana Hoever is a tall Defender, most time when he start or comes in as a substitute, he use his height to support his defensive skill in the pitch.

Ki-Jana Hoever is 5 ft 11 in which is approximately 1.80m and as such he can be considered as a tall Football player.

Ki-Jana is considered as an average weight Player. From his last body measurement carried out, it was discovered that he weighs 65kg.


Ever since Ki-Jana Hoever started playing Football as a professional since the days of  his National team to AZ, he has always been a practicing Defender. Ki-Jana plays either as a centre back or as a Right back.


This is one of the most important club information of a player. However, if you don't know Ki-Jana's name, it will be easier for you if you watch carefully and see Number 2 at the back of a Wolverhampton player.

He wears Number 2 for wolves.


Playing football at an old age isn't bad at all but it will definitely do more harm than good. Just as every kid out there started playing football at a young age, Ki-Jana started playing with AZ Alkmaar at a young age too.


Ki-Jana would always see lot of fns going to watch different matches in Alkmaar's stadium, but he didn't know that his journey will also be attached in the story.

Ki-Jana started playing for AZ academy as a youth player. He didn't make alot of appearances, Ki-Jana only played 13 games for AZ and he scored twice. Even as poor as this statistics might look he was still the most promising kid and caught the attention of Ajax.


Ki-Jana didn't play many games or score alot of goal, but the little he played his impact was felt. Like I said earlier, he caught the attention of Ajax. Ajax were in business talk with Ki-Jana's parents and they requested that their son join their club.

AZ Alkmaar wasn't a bad decision at all but considering the fact that Ajax was closer to their house and it was better than AZ Alkmaar in almost every area, his parents then agreed to the offer.

Ki-Jana made a move to Ajax in 2014. While Ki-Jana was at Ajax, he found out that he could fit perfectly as a Centre back or as a Right back. Ki-Jana was also a free kick specialist at Ajax.

His performance increase along the line as it was Top notch, Ki-Jana started getting offers from big European Academy team like Chelsea, Manchester city and Liverpool.
These European team were queued up as they were ready to do anything to sign Ki-Jana. Having the mindset of an adult even when he was still a teenager, Ki-Jana was ready to leave Netherland and join any of the premier league side because he felt he will grow there faster.

The same way Ajax Academy went to meet Ki-Jana family and convinced them, that was the same thing Liverpool did also. Ajax were really scared of losing a great player like Ki-Jana but what could they do? They couldn't make Ki-Jana sign a professional contract as he wasn't of age and it was against the rules and regulations of Dutch Football then.

Liverpool made a transfer move and they offer to sign Ki-Jana for £90,000. The offer was accepted by Ajax.


Ki-Jana joined Liverpool in 2018, Liverpool FC were so excited to have such a wonderful young player in their team. After Ki-Jana joined Liverpool he didn't start training or playing with them immediately as there was a problem in the the whole processing which was later resolved.

Ki-Jana made his debut as an U18 Liverpool Player. He played against Newcastle on the 15th of September,2018. Although he didn't score but his contribution and help from his teammates gave Liverpool a 4-1 victory.
On the 18th of September, 2018 Ki-Jana was given an opportunity to prove himself again and this time he started the full match against Paris saint-Germain in the UEFA youth League, Liverpool dominated the match and we're ruthless as it ended in a 5-2 win.

Ki-Jana was given another opportunity again to start the full match against Napoli in the UEFA Youth League. It was discovered that Ki-Jana had a great leadership spirit as he led his team to a 5-0 win.

His performance in previous games earned sealed his position into the U23 and he was later transferred to Livepool main team. Ki-Jana Hoever signed for Liverpool on the 31st of July, 2019.

Ki-Jana made his professional debut for Liverpool as he started in the EFL cup against Milton Keynes Dons, Ki-Jana scored the winning goal giving Liverpool a 1-0 win over Milton.


A dream which was suppose to come through didn't come through as Ki-Jana was getting enough playing time at all. Ever since his spectacular performance against wolves, he has been on their wishlist.

Wolves made moves for the Dutch player and on the 19th of September, 2020 Ki-Jana got signed to Wolverhampton Wanderers for a transfer deal Worth £9,000,000.

On the 27th of September, 2020 Ki-Jana made his professional debut for wolves where he came in as a substitute in the 2nd half against West Ham United. For a long time, Ki-Jana didn't know what he felt like to lose a game as his new team were brutalized in a 4-0 defeat.

On the 29th of December, For the first time since he joined wolves, he made his full premier league debut against Manchester United. After much struggles in the game wolves were still unlucky as they lost. 


Ki-Jana Hoever started playing for Netherland as a teenager. He joined the U15 team. Ki-Jana participated in many European competition and was crowned the champion in Ireland in 2019.
Ki-Jana made 4 appearances in his U15 days and failed to register a single goal. He made 6 appearances in his U16 days and didn't score a goal. Ki-Jana played 12 games in his U17 days and scored 4 goals.
In 2021, Ki-Jana made 5 appearances in the U21 competition and he scored just a single goal.

                  PERSONAL LIFE

Ki-Jana Hoever was born into the family of Mr Ivan who was a former American Football player many years ago and his Mom Mrs Marianne who was a business woman.

Their priority towards their son was that he will go to school as he played football. Ki-Jana's family has been there for him since the very beginning, they have also been of great support to their son.

It should be a crime to see that Ki-Jana is without a girlfriend despite how cut he looks (just joking). Yes Ki-Jana has a girlfriend who is as cute as he is also.

From our research made, we found out that they were childhood lovers even till this point. They are both deeply in love with each other and support each other in the best way they can.
I'm sure that many fans and supporters out there cannot wait for a proposal.

Ki-Jana isn't too young to own a house or a flashy car, but the Dutch professional Football player has decided to do everything concerning himself low-key.

Ki-Jana is one humble person we have seen on the internet, he will decide to trek or use his bicycle to go to training Everytime. Ki-Jana also has an eye catchy tattoo. He was raised in a Christian home and he is therefore a Christian by faith and belief.

              KI-JANA NETWORTH

After joining Wolverhampton Wanderers, his style of living has changed drastically this is definitely as a result in increase in his salary. Ki-Jana Hoever earns well from the club and doesn't show off. He is one of the youngest Defenders at wolves.

Ki-Jana Hoever is currently worth €2,100,000 at this point of writing this article.

Her are some of the frequently asked questions about Ki-Jana Hoever.


We haven't really sat down to do the maths but one thing we are sure of is that he has his full left arm covered with ink. When he was asked what it means, he said it represent his parents with their individual birthday date and the other represent the day his grandmother died.


We are all aware that Ki-Jana plays in wolves and he certainly has to stay close to where he plays. Ki-Jana lives in Wolverhampton, England.


Like I said earlier, Ki-Jana is one of the most humble Football in wolves right now, he doesn't live a flashy lifestyle as he has always been seen going to training on a bicycle.


Ki-Jana's father is Mr Ivan who was a former American Football player and his mother Mrs Marianne who is a business woman.

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