Arnaut Danjuma Networth and Biography

Arnaut Danjuma Networth and Biography

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of the Nigerian-born Dutch professional Footballer Arnaut Danjuma. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Arnaut Danjuma, his salary, Networth, Girlfriend, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Nigerian-born Dutch professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Arnaut Danjuma. From our research carried out about him, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Like many will say "survival of the fittest". It's was only those who were strong that could survive. Life wasn't a bed of roses for Danjuma while he was growing. 

Danjuma has always been known for delivering best services once he is among the starting XI.

While he was at AFC Bournemouth,  he was obviously the best player in the squad scoring 15 goals and 7 assists in 33 League appearances.  His ability to be creative and score goals has been a threat to many teams.

Many just know that Danjuma is a good striker, alot don't know that he went from grass to grace. From being homeless to having a big Mansion. 

It's quite fascinating that the so called die hard fan and supporters don't know much about him. Without much introduction, Let's Begin.


The Winger is one Football Player who has seen pain stood right in front of his face.  Danjuma was only 4 years old when his parents divorced due to misunderstanding.
He is the 3rd offspring of his parents. He is of mixed Ethnicity. Danjuma is a Nigerian-born Dutch professional Football player who plays for La liga club side Villarreal and represent Netherland as his National team.

It's no news that everywhere he goes, he is always a threat to his opponent, maybe that's his special gift. His full name is Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld.


Danjuma is still a young promising Player, he said it himself that he hasn't attained the peak in his career and it's obvious that he still has Enough time. 

He was born on the 31st of January, 1997 which means that he is currently 25 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the day every year.

The outstanding winger was born in Lagos, Nigeria.


The winger is an average player, he uses his leg to score more often then his head. He is good with both by the way.

Danjuma measures 5 ft 10 in which is approximately 1.78m which is not bad for a winger.


Many have asked and also concluded that with his thick body size, his weight is suppose to be big. Well it's doesn't always happen that way.

From our analysis, we found out that Danjuma weighs 74kg. He has a good pace with his weight.


As a child, growing up wasn't easy for Danjuma even though he came from a middle class family. Just as it was stated in the article, at the age of 4 his parents divorced and went their separate ways. 

It was difficult at that time for Danjuma to survive because his father who happens to be the bread winner was no longer with them. 
Things became so hard for them that Danjuma, his siblings and his mother had to move from one friend's house to the other. It got to a point where they had to sleep inside cars and garages.

From the way things were pointing out, the winger used football as a consolation to ease of his pains.

The differences between his parents didn't stop him from going to school, he actually loves learning new things Everytime. His dad was majorly responsible for all his educational activities.

He would take him to school and pick him up during closing hour. One thing Danjuma said he enjoyed about school was getting to train with other kids of his age bracket in the school training ground.

He had been playing football since he was 4 year and he used that as a therapy to his predicament.


Danjuma was lucky enough to get into TOP Oss Academy, he was even luckier because the academy was close to his father's house. He played there till 2008.

PSV Eindhoven

In 2008, the growing winger left TOP Oss Academy and joined PSV. At first, things were going well, he was living in the moment, getting enough time to play and improve on his skills but as time passes by when he was 16 years old he was supposed to be given a contract to advance to the main team.

He wasn't given because the club at that time didn't trust his style of play. In 2015 he was promoted to the main team.

Danjuma only appeared once through out his stay at the main team, he was disheartened and he felt sad. At the end of the season, the winger voiced out that Football also consist of little politics.


In 2016, Danjuma left PSV as a free agent and joined NEC for a transfer fee which wasn't disclosed, he agreed to stay with them for 2 years.

After he joined NEC, he started with the youth team, he did everything to prove himself there because was being watched by the club.

It didn't take long, Danjuma was promoted to the main team. He didn't just score any type of ordinary goal, his kind of goal was classic and stylish. He made alot of Football manger keep their eyes on him.

At the end of the season he ended up scoring 12 goals after making 40 appearances.


Among the numerous club who came begging to sign him, club brugge was one of them. Danjuma wanted to explore his career around Europe.

In 2018, Danjuma agreed to sign for club Brugge. For the first time in his life he played in the UEFA champions league all because he signed for the Belgium club.

His first Champions League goal was against Atlético Madrid. His performance at club Brugge was exceptional, he scored 5 goals in 21 appearances.

That was also the first time that Danjuma will be winning a cup. His face was filled with joy as he lifted the Belgian super cup in 2018.

Danjuma announced before the end of the season that he wasn't going to extend his contract at the club, he wants to explore.


On the 1st of August, 2019 Danjuma was announced as a new member of the Echelons. He signed a 2-year contract deal with them for a transfer fee of £13.7 Million.
He gave his career a boost after he joined Bournemouth, he was known almost everywhere in Europe. He made his debut in an EFL Cup match against Burton Albion.

He was one of the excellent player in the squad, he received praises and appreciation from his head coach, board of staff, fans and supporters also. In Bournemouth, Danjuma received the following award.

  - Goal of the Month
  - Man of the match
  - Player of the Month
  -  After receiving 40% of the supporters vote, he was crowned as Bournemouth Player of the Year.


On the 19th of August, 2021 Danjuma stroke a deal with La Liga club Villarreal for a transfer fee worth to be €25 Million. The astonished winger scored his first goal when his team played against Atlético Madrid.

It just appeared that Danjuma had a lucky charm when playing against Atlético Madrid, because he was always involved in scoring or making assists.

Danjuma is really having a great time playing for the Yellow Submarines.


There happens to be a slight resemblance between Memphis Depay and Arnaut Danjuma. Both are from Netherland and are handsome.

Many female fans might be all over his DM and would want to have him as their dream man.

Right now Danjuma isn't in any from of romantic relationship and he has no girlfriend, he seems to be more focused on his career.


The Personal life about Danjuma is just a pictorial view to get a clearer picture about the event of his life from the beginning.

The winger was born into a mixed family. His father is from Netherland and he goes by the name Cees, his father was the main reason why Danjuma didn't think of giving up on his career even after the tragic event of his parents.

His father was responsible for taking Danjuma to the Football Field for training, it was easier because he was living with his father.

On the other hand, Danjuma's mother is from Nigeria and goes by the name Hauwa. Danjuma, his mother and his siblings were known for moving from one house to another just to find a roof over their head.

Sometimes they had to sleep in cars and garage. As soon as Danjuma became wealthy and famous, he got an house for his mother.
Danjuma share a tight bond with his siblings. Most times he enjoys spending quality time all by himself either listening to music or swimming.

Even without getting a close contact with him, you can easily tell that he is very humble and quiet.

Taking Football as a career really changed Danjuma's life, he has a car and a house of his own.

Danjuma was born into a Muslim family, it automatically makes him a Muslim. He is really proud of his religion and has been a devoted Muslim for years. 

He has been seen so many times praying during Ramadan.


Due to his brilliant performance so far and signing numerous deals, his pay has increased. Danjuma is currently one of the highest paid player in Villarreal at the moment.

He earns nothing less that £1,456,000 annually and at this point of writing he's currently worth €6 Million.


Danjuma was born into mixed Ethnicity, his father a Dutch and his mother a Nigerian. He had the opportunity to play for either country.

The Ex Barcelona head coach called him to the national team in 2018, so far he has made 10 appearances, scoring 4 goals..

He has registered with the Dutch National team and has been playing there for 4 years.


Like we stated earlier in the article, the winger is of mixed Ethnicity, he is half Nigerian and half Dutch.


The speedster has said he isn't in any form of relationship as he is focused on his career. He isn't married yet.

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