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Most people look at John Lundstram as an underatted player but the truth is, the English Midfielder was among the top 5 players in Fantasy football which is played in all side of the world.

We saw how brilliant his performance was last season. He would always come in as a substituted player to save his former club Sheffield United. Yes his story was from grass to grace, just like yesterday he was nobody and today he is one of Rangers key starter.

Most fans and supporters don't really know much about their favourite player and it's fascinating. Without wasting much time, Let's Begin.


John Lundstram is an English professional Football player who Currently plays for Scottish premiership club side Rangers. He plays there as a Midfielder. 
John has been involved in many teams since he started his career compared to most players in Rangers. He started his career with Everton Academy.

John Lundstram has been a senior player for a long time now and has been playing for England, starting as an U-17 player in 2010/2011 season.


The English professional midfielder was born on the 18th of  February, 1994 which clearly states that he is 28 years old.

He was born in a Liverpool, united Kingdom.


He comes from a tall family, his father is also tall and it's crystal clear that tallness is in their Gene.

John is among the class of 6 feet. He is currently one of the tallest players in Rangers as his height is recorded to be 6 ft  1 in which is approximately 1.85m.


After alot of exercise, cutting off some diet just to keep fit on the pitch, one can easily tell that there will definitely be weight loss.

John is of average weight, from our research carried, we found out that John Lundstram weighs 74kg.


John Lundstram was just a little kid who got fascinated about anything called "Learning". He was known as a little scholar then.

While learning, Lundstram was made to answer few questions like the Red/Blue question. The question was directed to many children of Lundstram's age then, it wasn't a question to be biased about irrespective of the place you stay.
When Lundstram was asked if he was a Red (Liverpool) or a Blue (Everton), he boldly answered that he was a Red fan. He usually plays football and represent his school in different competions, he always knew that one day he will find a great career in Football.

All Lundstram ever wanted as an individual was to play for Liverpool one day, it quite unfortunate that even till this point he hasn't joined the team.


After so many failed attempt to join Liverpool Academy in 2002, Lundstram joined Everton Academy.  While playing for the Academy, Lundstram gained a Full-time scholarship in 2010. The young Midfielder worked so hard and was still hopeful that he will eventually end up in Liverpool.

It wasn't too long when his influenced was felt in the Academy, he was promoted to join the senior team in 2012. Lundstram built a very strong connection with David Moyes, it was more like a father and son relationship, but as soon as David Moyes left the club, things weren't the same for Lundstram anymore.

He couldn't play so well as he did under Moyes. Lundstram was so scared that he thought his career was going down. It was really a trying time for him and after the season ended, he was released by Everton.

After leaving Everton, he was on a transfer loan for 6 different teams which include; Doncaster Rovers, Yeovil Town, Leyton Orient, Blackpool, Back to Leyton Orient again, Scunthorpe United. Lundstram was seen as a Loan labourer and it was obvious that he wasn't enjoying it.


After going from one club to another on a loan deal, he later joined England League Two Club Side Oxford United on a 2-year transfer deal on the 13th of August, 2015. He made his debut just few days after signing for the club.

Lundstram was quick to adapting to any club he finds himself, his manger fell in love with his style of play and made him a regular starter in Oxford United.

We all know how Lundstram helped Oxford United gain promotion from League Two to League One. He made 82 appearances and scored 4 goals in all competitions.


As at 2017, Sheffield United were the newly promoted team to championship side. It felt like a promotion also to Lundstram because Sheffield were interested in him and they started making plans on how to sign him.

In July 2017, Lundstram got signed by Sheffield united on a 3-year deal which was agreed to be £700,000. Just like when the amazing midfielder was at Everton, he actually understood the important of building a strong and perfect relationship with the head coach.

That same year (2017) Chris Wilder was the head coach of Sheffield United and they built a strong relationship, it can be called a father and son type of relationship because that's what it almost looked like.

Most fans and supporters thought the coach was trying to favour Lundstram because of their kind of relationship, he made the midfielder a key starter in almost all matches played.

The angry Sheffield fans all have their favourite and according to them, Lundstram shouldn't be given a start ahead their favourite. They asked the coach to drop him maybe as a substitute.

It turned out that Lundstram prove the doubting fans wrong as he was on  very high form that season, he could easily be called the best player in the squad.

Since Lundstram didn't get to play for Liverpool as he has always wanted and dreamt of, he decided that he was going to revenge Everton for how they treated him in the past.

Everton and Sheffield United finally had a fixture and Lundstram was all over the place, he played like he had trained for that day all his life. The midfielder was superb and was the main main that day. He single handedly gave Everton a 0-2 defeat. Lundstram grew to become one of the best midfielders that ever played in the 2019/2020 season in the English Premier League.


Rangers were interested in Lundstram after watching his brilliant performance. On the 5th of July, 2021 John Lundstram joined Rangers on a 3-year deal for an undisclosed fee.

He made his debut at the end of the Month where he came in as a substitute against Livingston. Since he joined Rangers, he has played in different Europa matches, as well as different cups in the Scotland.
No doubt, when Lundstram play along side his teammate Joe Aribo, they control the midfield well and the chances of winning is usually high. He has grown to be one of the most valued player in the team.


Being a great player on the Football pitch, the midfielder might also be a great boyfriend to his girlfriend / great husband to his wife. Many fans believe that Lundstram has a girlfriend and doesn't want the public to know about it.

If you ask Alsportmedia, we can only tell you that Lundstram is an handsome player and deserve someone very pretty for compatibility. So far so good we haven't heard anything about his girlfriend. It could be that he's still single. Who knows?


Knowing his personal life or a bit of his personal life is a pictorial view of everything in his life till this moment.
The Midfielder comes from a family full of celebrities.

He is a Football player, who has done wonder in almost all the team's he played for. His sister on the other hand Jodie Lundstram is an entrepreneur in Liverpool, united kingdom. She's is the founder of  the popular Lash Beach UK and Aesthetic in Liverpool.

Informations about his parents aren't know yet, all we can say is that his parents did a good job in parenting. Even till this moment, Lundstram is still greatful to Everton Academy for the opportunity given to him to start playing Football professionally. It's crystal clear that he is living a standard Life.

Lundstram is a friendly Personal, even his teammates can testify to that. He also loves giving alot without having the mindset of getting something in return. From our research, we discovered that he is a fan of exotic cars.


We don't expect Rangers to pay Lundstram less for the great work he does Everytime on the pitch. He is one of the richest Footballer in Rangers at the moment.

Lundstram has fleet of cars and an house to his name. He earns £1,300,000 annually. The exact figure to his networth isn't known yet but from our calculation he is worth $2 Million - $5 Million.


No he isn't, we know so many people would have taken him as a swedish player. Lundstram is English.


Even till this moment Lundstram still loves Liverpool and wish to play for them one day before he hangs the boot. He has been a die hard Liverpool Fan since he was younger.

Not only does he support Liverpool, he also supports Rangers and he's happy at the club.

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