Max Kilman Networth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Biography

Max Kilman Networth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Biography.

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of  the English professional Footballer Max Kilman. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Max Kilman, his salary, Networth, Girlfriend, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the English professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Max Kilman. From our research carried out Max Kilman, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Max Kilman has just be put in line as part of Southgate boys who will be representing England in the Qatar FIFA World cup.

Many talented players work their way up representing both League and country side but don't gain recognition so easily, Kilman's case is entirely different as we can't call out wolves Defenders without giving credit to Kilman for his endless great services.

Max Kilman was born and bred in Chelsea, while growing up, he used to be a Chelsea fan but we aren't sure about now. Kilman has grown up to be one of the finest Defenders in wolves and premier league currently, he has even been encouraged by his head coach Bruno Lage to eat twice a day so that he can keep fit.

We're aware that not so many fans and supporters of Max Kilman know so much about him, that's why Alsportmedia is here to help you with every bit of information. Without wasting your time, let's Begin.

           WHO IS MAX KILMAN?

Max Kilman is an English Professional Football player who plays for premier league club side Wolverhampton Wanderers and England National team. 
He has risen from an ordinary Defender in wolves squad to a key player. Just the same way alot of people coin out nicknames from their real names, Kilman did the same as his real name is Maximilian William Kilman.

                MAX KILMAN AGE

Max Kilman was born on the 23rd of May, 1997 which clearly states that he is 24 years old. He celebrates his birthday on this date every year.

Max Kilman was born in the famous town of Chelsea, England.


Growth is one thing that certainly happens to everyone irrespective of how we place it. Kilman rose from being a small child to being an adult of 6 ft 4 in which is approximately 1.94m.

He is currently one of the tallest players in Wolves squad at the moment.


The English Defender and portuguese player weighs 78kg on feet.



Not all football players started their career all smooth and Rosy. It was never easy for Kilman when he started his journey also.

CM Futsal Academy was the first team Kilman started with before joining Fulham youth when he still stayed with his parents as a young boy.

 It was his dream to play for Futsal one day. Dreams turned into reality for Kilman as he saw some guys at the local park and asked if he could join them, to his surprise they all said yes. 

Due to how good Kilman was in his previous games, he was invited to play with the boys again. His journey as a great  Football player started there as futsal improved his Football activities at almost all levels.

Immediately Kilman got to Fulham, it wasn't too long when he won a title with them. Kilman wasn't too lucky when he was at Fulham, he was even released by the team at some point. From our research, we found out that the team wasn't pleased with his presence and they let him go.


Max Kilman played for Gillingham as a teenager for a while before joining England club side Welling United Football club.


Max Kilman moved to English club side which is located in the 6th tier of English football. Kilman deliberated on quitting Football for Futsal, but after much thought and advise from people around him, he decided to stick with Football.

Kilman wasn't given enough playing time at Welling United.


After a brilliant performance at Welling United, the young defender caught the attention of Maidenhead. In 2015, Kilman signed a 3-year deal with Maidenhead united, the club also happens to be among one of the lowest division in England league.
Kilman played a single season at Maidenhead united appearing in 34 matches, where he scored a single goal. He later joined Marlow on a 1-year loan deal.


Kilman displayed alot of technical defense at Marlow and it only resulted because of the Futsal he played when he was younger, it really changed his mentality towards Football positively.

He usually come in most times as a substituted player, he made 30 league appearances, scoring 2 goals in the league. 


Alot of Manager had their eyes on Kilman at that period but Nuno Espírito Santo who happens to be the head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers made a quick move in signing the Defender because he thought he had good composure, character and will improve the performance of the team.

On the 31st of August, 2018 Kilman joined wolves at an undisclosed fee. Due to his age he joined wolves U-23. At that point in time wolves still had list of players like Ruben Neves, Diogo Jota. 

Max Kilman word hand in hand with the listed players above in winning the league and gained promotion from the second tier of the England League to English premier League.

Immediately after helping Wolves gain promotion, in April 2019 Kilman was promoted to the main squad and even became a regular starter since then.
Kilman made his senior debut for wolves on the 4th of May, 2019 against Fulham. The match later ended in favour of Wolves leading to a 1-0 win.

Kilman became a Defender who couldn't be overlooked because of how good he was and how good his pairing was with he fellow teammates. At some point in 2021/2022 season, he bacame the best player in the squad.


So many fans has been asking who is Max Kilman girlfriend? Or does Max Kilman have a wife? That's a brilliant question that so many female fans has been asking about the handsome Defender.

All our efforts in trying to find out if Kilman is in a relationship or not seems abortive as the Defender is currently live a very private Life. There are no hint about his relationship even on Social Media.


Not everyone who looks cool is actually cool in reality, but there are exception to this. Kilman looks cool and is very cool in reality. 

The English Defender was born on the 23rd of May, 1997 in Chelsea, England by Mr Alex Kilman and Mrs Maria Kilman who both share 2 different Nationality.
 They are both half Ukraine and half Russia citizens.

 Max father is late now, he was strong enough to announce it and even train with Wolves few days after his father's death. Max clearly misses his father and bids him farewell.

Yes alot of people have asked how is it  possible that Max Kilman is English.

He has the English nationality because he was born in Chelsea, so automatically he has British Nationality.
Kilman is among the learned Football players we have currently, his parents made sure he attended school and played football at the same time. He is a graduate of  Hertfordshire University and has a degree in business and sports.

Till this moment Max is forever greatful to his mother as she forced him to have an online degree just as a backup plan incase Football doesn't work out as planned.

One thing that has been visually observed from Kilman is that he is always optimistic and focused. Like I stated earlier in this article, Max Kilman is calm and reserved, he doesn't fidget when he plays against a tough team, he just looks at it as it's a game of fun.

We all know that Max loves have a private life so we shouldn't even expect him to have all flashy cars, crazy mansions, alot of girls all around him and all. He doesn't like flaunting all those things as it doesn't matter to him.

Max is one of the most gentle and humble person you will find out there.


Many people would have concluded that Max Kilman doesn't earn much that's why he doesn't flaunt his wealth, like I said earlier Max is a very private person and also one of the highest paid players in wolves Currently.

He earns £2,551,920 annually and hasn't been caught living a flamboyant lifestyle.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) you should know.


The wolves Defender is British as he was born and bred in Chelsea, England.


Kilman has proven himself alot of times and to the head coach, he has been amazed and happy about what Kilman is doing. Therefore, Kilman has gained 100% starting position at the team.


Yes he can play for England, he just got called by Southgate to represent England in the upcoming 2022 Qatar FIFA World cup.

Yes he can but he decided not to play for Ukraine. Early last year, Ukraine former head coach Andriy shevchenko called Max and asked him to join the team, Max refused. 

Upon his refusal, the coach publicity told FIFA to switch his Nationality From England to Ukraine. FIFA refused, the major reason why they refused is because Max has already been playing futsal for England in his early days.

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