Pedro Neto Networth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Biography.

Pedro Neto Networth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Personal Life and Biography.

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of  the Portuguese professional Footballer Pedro Neto. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Pedro Neto, his salary, Networth, Girlfriend, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Portuguese professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Pedro Neto. From our research carried out about him, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Counting started many days ago and it was seen that Wolves has as many as 9 portuguese players in the squad, Neto happens to be one of them.

Playing in the English premier league has always been Neto's dream from the onset probably considering the fact that it's one of Europe biggest League to play in, he is enjoying himself there to his fullest.

It's so unfortunate that this present days in Football, not all striker are regarded as strikers. Pedro is such an underrated winger in English Premier League as at now.

Many fans and supporters claim they know the portuguese winger in and out, the only way to get to know that is if you stay tuned and read the article. Without much introduction, Let's Begin.

             WHO IS PEDRO NETO?

Like I said earlier in this article, Neto is definitely living a life he once dreamt of. Neto is a winger who plays for English premier league Wolverhampton Wanderers and country side Portugal. 
He style of play is close to none in the squad, not only does he distinguish himself from others with his style of play, he has a great pace with the ball on his leg. Pedro Lomba Neto is his full name.


Pedro Neto was born in the 9th of March, 2000 which clearly means that he is 22 years old at this point of writing this article. Neto celebrates his birthday on this particular day every year.

The winger was born at Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

             PEDRO NETO HEIGHT

We see alot of tall and talented players like cavani, Mbappe everyweekend on our television screen and we see how their height adds to their performance. Neto is an average height player. He is currently 5 ft 8 in which is approximately 1.73m.

             PEDRO NETO WEIGHT

We all can see and testify that Neto is also an average weight player. His pace in the Football field is something to study and discuss, but we will leave that for another day.

Neto weighs 69kg. He knows how to change his direction and manipulate the ball on the Football field.


While growing as a child, Neto always love watching his dad who was a professional at roller hockey. His dad was also interested in taking his son along not for any reason but just because Neto was obsessed with the game at that time.

Neto had also been playing Football at that time and also love the game, it became a difficult task to choose between roller hockey and football. The portuguese winger came from a family of sportsmen.

 One of his uncle Sérgio Lomba is a retired football player and it was the same uncle who persuaded and advised Neto to good into Football as it will be more profitable from all sides.
After Neto decided to pick Football over hockey, his uncle found a team for Neto to start with.


As early at 2008, Pedro joined vianense and stay there with the team for 3 years. He was so happy he chose football, Neto was greatful to his uncle who introduced him to the game and his family for their support. He then moved to Perspectiva em Jogo where he also played for a while and joined Braga Academy.


Neto joined braga in 2013, his style of play made alot of people assume that playing football was that easy. He didn't Force the energy as it came freely. Neto became Braga youngest goalscorer. 

Yes of course, many big European teams love seeing a youngster doing great. Neto was good till the point where main club like Arsenal, Manchester United and Barcelona came running after him.

Immediately his family heard about a possible transfer move, they were so happy and saw it as a blessing in disguise. It's definitely a blessing in disguise, but his parents were convinced by Braga's president not to be in a hurry to transfer him.

Braga's president told his parents that he has a better future at Braga because of his age  After several days of talking to his family, they knew how important Neto was to the team and didn't want them to lose him but at the same time they didn't want him to be trapped in a particular team, so they decided to make a loan move to SS Lazio.


On the 31st of August, 2017 Neto left for Lazio on a 2-year transfer deal (loan). Lazio's main interest was an option to buy him after the loan deal.

On the 27th of January, 2019 Neto made his debut coming in as a substituted player for Bastos against Juventus, we all saw the sad look on his face as his team lost on the first day he played for them.

It wasn't really a bad season for him because he helped his team win the coppa  Italia in 2018/2019.

We didn't state that Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona aren't the only team who kept their eyes on Neto. Wolverhampton Wanderers coach Nuno Espírito Santo saw the quality that Neto possesses and that he was also portuguese, it made the transfer easy.


Pedro Neto joined wolves on the 2nd of August, 2019. On his debut, he scored and made an assist for Morgan Gibbs-white in the UEFA Europa League qualification stage. Ever since he has joined wolves, it has been from goal to assist.
 He still remains one of the club best player. Neto has appeared 66 times for wolves and has scored 8 goals.


For such a cute and handsome football player like Pedro Neto, it's every ladies dream to own a man like him, a man well built and extremely friendly.

We have alot of Football players who love keeping everything about themselves private, Neto is an example of such Player. There are no clues on whether he is in a relationship or not. Not even social Media will show you anything related to his love life. The answer to the question has been clearly stated, Neto isn't married.

All we can say is that you should stay tuned, sooner or later his relationship status will change from being single as it appears to be right now to "Taken" Lol.


Personal life comes in handy just like a mirror, it's a reflection of his clearer picture.
 Neto is from an average class family, although things weren't too rosy for him while growing. He was born on the 9th of March, 2000.

Neto was born into the family of Mr Pedro Senior who is also portuguese and Mrs Cristina Pedro who is Mozambican by origin. His father is the major reason why Neto loves sport most especially football.

 He was born in a small City of Portugal called Viana do Castelo. The portuguese winger has twin elder sister whose names are Debora Neto and Bruna Neto.

Judging from what we see on the internet, we can tell that Neto is well paid. He owns a car . Despite his busy schedule on the Field, Neto still create time to hangout out with his elder sisters. 
He is from a Christian family and Christianity is well practiced anywhere he goes. Neto has a single tattoo which is placed on his chest.


We don't expect the winger to be paid less for the value he adds to the club. Neto is currently one of the richest player in Wolves as it stands. He has a car and a house of his own.

Neto gets paid nothing less than £1,520,916 every year.

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