Carlos Vinicius Networth, Wife, Personal Life and Biography.

Carlos Vinicius Networth, Wife, Personal Life and Biography.

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of the Brazil professional Footballer Carlos Vinicius. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Carlos Vinicius, his salary, Networth, Wife, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the Brazil  professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Carlos Vinicius. From our research carried out about him, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Carlos has found favour in the formation of Tottenham Hotspur but agreed to join PSV on a 1 year loan for a better experience.

The Brazilian striker has been a possible replacement for Harry Kane since his arrival, but we all know that Harry Kane can't be replaced just like that. 

One of the main reason why Carlos decided to leave was because he didn't get enough playing time at Tottenham Hotspur unless Harry Kane was injured, that happens occasionally.

Carlos Vinicius has displayed an excellent performance ever since he got to PSV. He has been involved in 9 goals in 15 games.

All thanks to Jose Mourinho who discovered the excellent young striker. Without further introduction, Let's Begin.


We all know one Vinicius who plays for Real Madrid currently, as you read further you will get to know if Vinicius Junior and Carlos Vinicius are related.

Carlos Vinicius is a Brazilian professional football player who plays currently for Benfica but is still on a load deal with Eredivisie club PSV.
He plays as a striker there. Vinicius has also been a regular starter for the Netherland club. His full name is Carlos Vinicius Alves Morais.

The striker has also joined the "Team of players" who converted their roles in Football.


The striker was born on the 25th of March, 1995 which means he is currently 27 years old.

Vinicius get to celebrate his birthday on the day every year. He was born in Bom Jesus das selvas, Brazil.


The striker has also joined the league of tall players, he is among the few tall players that PSV has at the moment.

From our research carried out, we discovered that Vinicius is currently 6 ft 3 in which is approximately 1.91m.

Vinicius height has made him score more fantastic headers since he started his career as a professional.


The Brazilian striker is of average weight, from our research carried out about his weight also, we discover that he weighs 86kg.


Here comes the fascinating life story about our own striker, Carlos Vinicius.

The striker didn't come from the rich part of Brazil, he grew up just as every other child who wanted to play Football.

He visited different dirty field which were available just to play Football with his friends.


Vinicius started as a teenager playing as a Central Defender for the team, he stayed there for 2 years before he finally decided to join Santos.


Santos has produced notable players like Neymar Jr and Carlos Vinicius. In 2011, Vinicius joined Santos. He joined their academy where he also played there as a Central Defender.

He didn't get enough playing time there so he decided to join Desportivo Brasil on a loan.


At that point when Vinicius left, Desportivo Brasil were in need of a striker, at that point Vinicius had already converted to a striker.

He was given enough playing time compared to his old team Santos. His performance that season was great.

Vinicius played there for 3 years before he decided to move to palmeiras.


Just at the age of 20 Vinicius moved to palmeiras, the main reason he went there was for experience.

Palmeiras happens to be the last club Vinicius played for as a youth. It was in palmeiras that Vinicius permanently converted to a striker.

when he did, he scored alot of incredible goals and was included in the teams first choice in the U20's


After the completion of his youth career, Vinicius career was put on hold for a year before he started playing his senior career.

Just as if Vinicius position wasn't certain, he started playing as a Defensive Midfielder for Caldense. He didn't find playing as a DM favourable.

On the 19th of March, 2017 Vinicius made his professional debut against uberlandia, it didn't end in the favour of Vinicius since it was his first professional match.

His team lost the match in a 2-0 defeat. That Match happened to be the only match he played for the club. He decided to leave and join Grêmio Anápolis.


At some point, Vinicius was even tired and confused because he was made to switch roles.

When he joined Grêmio Anápolis, he was made to play as an attacker (Foward). That paved ways for him to score goals.

He didn't get enough playing time at the club as well and he decided to accept the tempting offer from Real SC (Real Sport Clube).


Vinicius was aware that he would soon be a player in Europe. He saw Europe as a place to thrive.

On the 5th of July, 2017 Vinicius joined portuguese LigaPro side Real SC on a 1 year loan. We could say that Vinicius was in his prime as he scored 20 goals in 39 appearances for Real SC.

After getting the little experience he wanted from Europe, he decided to accept a loan offer coming from Napoli.


After both parties had agreed about the proposed deal, Vinicius became a player for Napoli in January, 2018.
He joined for a transfer fee of €4 million, Vinicius didn't get to enjoy Napoli as he planned. He had no professional appearance for Napoli.

He knew Napoli wasn't for him since he had not played anything, he decided to go to another club ( Europe preferably).


Vinicius was lucky to receive an offer from Rio Ave who reside in Europe, a portuguese Primeira Liga side.

He went there on a 1-year loan deal. From our observation, we noticed that every time Vinicius feels less important of a player from his current club, he proves them wrong in his next club.

Vinicius was fortunate enough to play 14 games and he scored 8 goals.


He then moved to French Ligue 1 side Monaco on a 6-month loan. He made his debut coming in as a substitute for Radamel Falcao.

His goal contribution were very important as they usually come in at the right time, he save Monaco fro relegation in 2018/2019 season.

Vinicius was involved in 2 goals out of 16 appearances for Monaco.


Vinicius rose to instant fame just when he joined Portuguese Primeira Liga side, he was among top manager list of players to sign.

He was signed for a transfer fee of €17 Million with a release clause of €100 Million. Vinicius was part of Benfica's highest goal scorer at that point.

He scored 18 goals and was involved in 8 assists as well in 34 appearances. He helped Benfica win the supertaça cândido de Oliveira in 2019.


The head coach of Tottenham Hotspur was in search of a striker to assist Harry Kane. He was interested in Vinicius scoring ability and considered his style of play excellent.

On the 2nd of October, 2020 the English Premier League Club Side Tottenham Hotspur announced the new signing of Carlos Vinicius for a transfer fee of €3 million.

He made his debut for Tottenham Hotspur in a UEFA Europa League against LASK. The only reason why Vinicius was signed to the team was because they needed a supporting striker for Harry Kane.

PSV Eindhoven

Vinicius wasn't sure about his career in Tottenham Hotspur, so he decided to accept a loan which came from PSV.

On the 31st of August, Vinicius accepted a 2-year Loan deal from PSV Eindhoven with an option to buy.

His performance has been great as he has scored quite a number of goal there.


Many see getting married at a young age as a blessing, while others see it as a burdens as they should be enjoying their youthful age.

Well the handsome young man who easily get the attention of young ladies has left the long list of single men. He is married to his long time girlfriend Caroline.

His wife has been his best friend, his confidant and everything he would ask of. Their union is blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.


Here is a pictorial trajectory of how his life has been.

He is often regarded as mommy's boy, his mother was involved in his success story but it's so sad that she didn't hold on to see how rich and famous her son is right now.

We're uncertain if the striker lost his dad or his parents splitted while raising him, he has never said anything about his father before only his step father.

He has a younger sister, he loves spending time with his wife, children and his sister. Sometimes they go on a vacation or rather go to the beach for relaxation.

Vinicius is a devoted Christian, he believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God.


After so many extended contracts over the years, Vinicius earns nothing less that £84,000 every week and £4.3 million every year.

He shows of his exotic cars and houses sometimes.


Being good can be relative to different people but in my own opinion, the Brazilian striker is really good. If he wasn't good he wouldn't be getting great offers from big European clubs.


Alot of people have always wanted to get this answer, you're at the right source.

From our research, we discovered that it was jure mere coincidence for both players to come from Brazil, at the same time be striker and at the same time have the same name.

They aren't related in any way beside Carlos Vinicius only has one sibling and it happens to be a girl.


He was sent on a 2-year loan to PSV Eindhoven from Tottenham with an option to buy, so right now he is partially a Tottenham player and a PSV Eindhoven player.


To be honest we really don't know why he celebrates like that.  Fans have condemned him for copying Mbappe goal celebration.
They find it wrong because he copied another person celebration, we don't see it as a big deal to copy someone celebration.

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