Jarred Branthwaite, Networth, Girlfriend, Personal Life and Biography.

Jarred Branthwaite, Networth, Girlfriend, Personal Life and Biography.

On today's show of Alsportmedia, we bring to you the full Bio of the English professional Footballer Jarred Branthwaite. We are here to serve you in bits and pieces about the notable event of his life so far.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to know about Jarred Branthwaite, his salary, Networth, Girlfriend, Current club.  We hope you enjoy yourself as you read along and find out every necessary information about the English professional Football player.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of Jarred Branthwaite. From our research carried out about him, we promise to satisfy you with all the necessary information you need to know about him.

Here is another interesting childhood story of Branthwaite who was body shamed while growing cos of how his quick his growth was.

He was sometimes called a "Baby Giraffe". When they start calling him that name, the urge to playing Football with his mate dies off at that moment. Branthwaite has always been a big fan of the sport "Football" and he is still a fan.

At some point, he considered going for something else instead of Football because of he was body shamed, words and advices from people around him gave him the right direction.

Branthwaite appears to be the tallest player in Everton right now. It's no longer news that he is one of the highest goal scoring Defender at the club.

Alot of fans and supporters claim to know him but not everyone knows a well detailed information about him despite all the good things he has done for Football.

Without further introduction, Let's Begin.


The centre Defender is sometimes called "Baby Giraffe" due to how rapid his growth was while he was a kid.
Branthwaite is an English professional Football player who plays as a centre Defender for English Premier League Everton.

His full name is Jarred Paul Branthwaite.


Alot of people have concluded that Branthwaite will be in his mid or late 20's because of how tall he is and his chin filled with beards.

So sorry to burst your bubble, the youngster is still a teenager. Branthwaite is currently 19 years old, he was born on the 27th of June, 2002.

He does he annual celebration on that particular day. He was born in Carlisle, England.


Jarred Branthwaite has got the height it takes to be a Defender, that is what most head coach actually want with additional qualities.

The centre back appears to be the tallest in the squad, he measures approximately 6 ft 5 in. 


The centre back is of average height, at this point of writing he weighs 67kg.


Branthwaite story started when he was just a year and 6 months old, he had started walking well then. His father came in one day and surprised his son with a sponge brick block (toy).

While Branthwaite played around with it and built a stand, he placed it in one corner of the living room, unknown to him that a family member was watching from another corner.

Branthwaite ran towards the brick and kicked it forcefully. Everyone was surprised because of the energy the kid used.

The family member who was watching thought out loud that he would definitely be great if he could channel that same energy into Football as a career.

Although while growing, the youngster wasn't certain about what he wanted, he wanted to play Football and at the same time play Rugby.

The major reason why Branthwaite was fascinated about sport was because he came from a family of Athletes.

His parents decided that their son was going to be highly educated before make his own decision whether to choose another career path, play Football or play Rugby.

The centre back enrolled with wigton infant school, after spend a year there, he registered with stepping Stones Nursery and primary school, after spending the required number of years there he furthered his education to another level.
He attended Nelson Thomlinson secondary school which was located in wigton, England. His love for physical Education (P.E) and the teacher grew. 

Branthwaite was very good with the following sports; Football, Rugby, Basketball, Athletics and Badminton. 

Sometimes Branthwaite teachers report to his parents that he doesn't stay indoors during school period. The funny thing was that his parents weren't surprised because he was always in their garden kicking Football.

His parents noticed that the ball became his best friend, they both concluded and decided to register him in a developing academy known as Abbeytown FC.

Branthwaite had what it takes to play Football and at the same time, he had phobia to mix with different people and play. So it was difficult settling there.

He was involved in a friendly game where his ball clearance was not see by any kid at that time, little did he know that he was been monitored by some scout.


Carlisle United were the scout present that time, they were interested in making the youngster one of their own. As soon as Branthwaite Parents heard this, most especially his mom, she was scared and didn't want him to go.

She believed he was too young, but after making research about Carlisle, she agreed to allow him join them.

At first, Branthwaite lost confidence and didn't play well as expected but later on he gained full form and started playing well.

He then started experiencing pains in his knee, this happened as a result of rapid growth. It affected his game play.

The youngster was Immediately rushed to the hospital by his parents, after a thorough check-up done, the doctor diagnosed Branthwaite with Osgood Schlatter Disease.

It's simply a disease that comes as a result of massive growth. This illness made Jarred stay away from Football for over 9 months.

He was still optimistic that one day he will get back on the pitch and play Football again. Carlisle united got to a point where they no longer had interest in Branthwaite again because he wasn't adding value to the team.

The management of Carlisle United said they aren't sure of his future and asked if he would like to be a professional player, those words hurt him so bad that he was almost in tears.

He was sad because his best friends Taylor and Liam were already called up into the under-18 team, he was almost rejected by the club who came as a scout.

It was obvious that Branthwaite was depressed, his father once had such disease and remembered some encouraging words his coach will tell him.

He wrote them in a piece of paper and slid it under Branthwaite's room, Branthwaite read them and he was encouraged, he didn't feel negative again.

The next day he went to his secondary school sport hall center and he was training hard, he improved and even became better that he was when he was still adored by Carlisle United.

The academy saw that he was 100% fit, they called him to join Carlisle under-18.

It wasn't too long when Branthwaite joined the under-18 team, his performance was far above every other person, he was then promoted to the first team.

He rose to becoming Carlisle youngest goalscorer, he was only 17 years old then.

As usual alot of clubs around Europe started developing intereste in Branthwaite. Those teams include; Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Everton.


After everything Everton were the lucky team to have the talented youngster.  On the 13th of January, 2020 Branthwaite signed a two and a half deal with Everton and decided to stay there till the end of June 2020.

He was kept as a reserved player when Everton signed him and as usual he proved himself before being promoted to the main team.

Leighton Baines injury gave rise to Branthwaite start in the starting XI. He has been a very brilliant defender since he agreed to be one of them.


 In 2020, Branthwaite agreed to sign for Blackburn to gain more experience. He agreed to join them on a 1- year loan. 

On his debut, he played the full 90 minutes, disturbing the opponent striker and giving Blackburn a 1-1 tie against stoke city.

He made 10 appearances for Blackburn and suffered an ankle injury till the end of the season. Branthwaite then returned to Everton.


Alot of Ladies find him sweet and handsome, of course he is a good looking Football player and it's certainly that alot of girls will love to end up with him.

Who doesn't like to have a "6 feet" as a boyfriend? From our research, we found out that Jarred Branthwaite is single, he hasn't been seen in private or public display any affection for any lady.


Like we all know that his personal life is one important thing that cannot be neglected. It's a pictorial view of how his life has been since the beginning.

Branthwaite came from an average family where they could buy anything they want, his father Paul Branthwaite was an Ex rugby player. 

Father and son attended Nelson Thomlinson school, Branthwaite also inherited his height from his father. While his father was growing he also experienced the same disease as his son but it didn't stop his rugby career. 

On the other hand Donna Branthwaite happens to be the mother of the centre back Defender. She also attended Nelson Thomlinson School.

She was always fascinated about listening to music. She also once said that she finds joy in watching her son on the TV playing football.

Donna and Paul Union was blessed with a son and a daughter. Evie Branthwaite is the last born of the house and the only girl, she attends Nelson Thomlinson school also.

She is part of Abbeytown female Football club. Branthwaite has grown to be an ambitious young player.

He had always been a Football lover from the beginning, since Branthwaite started playing football as a professional, he hasn't exchanged his first shirt.

He has also being a good influence on the younger kids, because of him there has been a large purchase of the Everton Jersey where he stays.

Apart from playing football, the centre back fully enjoys playing videogames, having a vacation with his family.

Branthwaite at his young age has a car and a house, despite how early he has played in his football career.


The centre back has only played for 3 club since he started playing football as a professional, his pay has also sky rocketed not by luck but as a result of the hardwork he out when playing.

Even with the high pay, Branthwaite hasn't been caught spending Money anyhow, he live according to his means. He owns a house and a car.
From our resent research, we found out that Branthwaite is worth £1.2 Million.


Well so far, Branthwaite is yet to get any ink on his sky. We haven't seen any tattoo on his body.


Branthwaite has joined the league of great left footed defender as he is often seen using his left foot all the time.


Branthwaite has been a citizen of the United kingdom, England to be specific. He fully support Everton.

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